Here are some of the best smartwatches of the year.

More info on the Ticwatch Pro:

More info on the Fitbit Versa:

More info on the Fitbit Charge 3:

More info on the Apple Watch Series 4

More info on Apple Watch Series 3:

More info on the Galaxy Watch:

More info on the Gear s3:

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  1. Funny neither one of these phones don't have a camera!

  2. Could you roll your sweater sleeves up please? ??

  3. I can’t be the only one that sees the Apple Watch out on incorrectly at 3:52

  4. Huawei watch Gt its the best

  5. You hold the Apple Watch wrong

  6. I had pebble time too and I need to change it because pebble Inc is sold and I'm in confuse I have 3 options:
    1) Tic Watch Pro
    2)Huawei Gt
    3)Fitbit versa normal(not special edition)

  7. Pebble for the win ?

  8. Oh no no no 3:46 the Apple Watch band is on upside down

  9. I've been using the Samsung Health app on my phone for a year and a half
    That's why I purchased a Samsung watch it interconnects with the health app
    Samsung watches 100% accurate
    I walk 7.4 miles a day

  10. Bixby doesn't suck, but the Galaxy Watch's version of it sucks because it is still just S Voice with a different look and name.

  11. How about the Huawei GT watch i dont own it but all reviews say its a great Fitbit in disguise as a smart watch

  12. my son only likes fitbits…

  13. He is wearing the Apple Watch band wrong side

  14. I'm interested in what you use to style your hair, because it looks fantastic.

  15. Did he say Ovulate , and PERIOD , oh my

  16. Can o pair the tic watch with iPad, what app does the tic watch use

  17. سید صاحب نہ دعا نہ سلام … سو میں جا رہا ہوں آن سبسکرئیب اور آن فالو بائے بائے…

  18. Just got Apple watch Series 4 & just wow.

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