5 of my favorite apps for the Fitbit Versa!

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  1. Who wants a follow up video? It's been about 4 months now. If this comment gets 100 likes, I will make one. Reply with ideas !

  2. Can it download YouTube

  3. I also have but i done no how to create acount

  4. My favourite app on the Fitbit versa is Flappy Bird.

  5. Think I might be getting one for Xmas fingers crossed haha

  6. i've got one brav

  7. thanks for the advise

  8. I am getting one tommorow .

  9. Is there a calendar app for the Versa?

  10. For the Barcodes app, which encoding do I pick? I put the one that says UPC. I'm using the app for rewards and library cards.

  11. My gym barcode is too long:( I think that's the only barcode I really need too

  12. Is there a way to get maps notification on fitbit versa?

  13. Thank you for the my fitness pal / barcode hack! Sometimes filling out the my fitness pal app is more work then working out ugh!

  14. Ooooo awesome. I could use the barcodes app for loyalty reward cards like 7-11 or CVS

  15. I like your band. Can you take it in the pool/shower?

  16. Can you add more than one gym barcode? So I can have myself and my daughter both on my versa? I am hoping to get one soon.

  17. what is the name of your clock face name?

  18. The Starbucks app is sort of a joke. Do people realize how many calories are in Starbucks's drinks? Unless you are ordering an Americano, you are drinking your calories instead of eating them, which is not good for any person trying to get fit.

  19. I like the fitbit versa! I got rid of my apple watch, but now I am thinking about the Fitbit Versa! I currently have a iphone 7 plus but not into updating phone right now. Sorry to say will eventually go to Samsung, but for right now will the Fitbit Versa send me my email, text and call notifications? I know i may not be able to respond to them but would like this feature.

  20. I just bought me this fitbit versa the rose pink color one Watch for my iPhone 8plus is an ok Watch I’ll say do more tips of this watch for us

  21. If u have problems with any fitbit devices, beyond your own troubleshooting based on some online tips and chat with Fitbit support… Fyi, Fitbit does not have any service or repair centres anywhere in the world. Once damaged, out of warranty… Just throw it away. Dont believe me? Contact fitbit support via chat and verify yourself. I had to throw mine away.

  22. Whats ur clock face called

  23. we have the same clock face lol

  24. So I'm trying to use the fitbit for fitness tracking but I've noticed that my fitbit is super inaccurate with the data. I haven't worn it in 3 days and it says I've burned 37 calories, for example. 15 minuted after the daily reset (midnight), my fitbit says I have over 150 steps. Idk what to do because I love the fitbit.

  25. 3:58 Why is it called Autism?

  26. My hue won’t connect to my versa it keeps saying “can not connect to bridge”

  27. as soon as u said u can put bardcodes in ur watch meaning u can put ur gym barcode in ur watch & scan it i was like YOOO I HAVE TO GET DIS WATCH NOW! ??

  28. Do you recommend to use it for a smartwatch or a fitness tracker

  29. Is there a follow up? I think the versa app is pretty slow to use

  30. How often do you use it to pay? I’m thinking to change a bank to just use the function!

  31. How do you add your Starbucks card to the fitbit??

  32. Wish we could enjoy those apps, but ours doesn’t want to sync or do anything. Lots of unsatisfied people on their website. I should have looked there first. New phone, newest app update, plenty of WiFi service,….not sure what the deal is.

  33. Where you buy your watch

  34. Id like to.see.how.the camera watch app works

  35. How do you start using the Starbucks app? I tried doing it on the Fitbit app but there aren’t any + button to add the Starbucks card

  36. I like that watch I need money than I am going to get it people

  37. I don't see that barcode app available in the fitbit app store. Did you get it from someplace else?

  38. Could you please do one for spotify HR

  39. i like how you use your fitness watch to turn the lights on and off from your sofa 😀

  40. how the hell do you use these apps

  41. New subscriber here. Have my Versa about a month now. Love it. Any helpful tips on learning how to do more with my Fitbit would be appreciated.

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