What’s the best Back to School Laptop? Tom The Tech Chap rounds up the Top 5 Best Laptops for Students going back to School, College & University in 2018!
Dell XPS 13 – US: | UK:
Acer Swift 3 – US: | UK:
Macbook Pro 13 – US: | UK:
Acer Chromebook – US: | UK:
Surface Book 2 – US:

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  1. Apologies for the re-upload, had a minor error in the first one. All good now! ? So which laptop would you go for??

  2. You can buy an Acer Chromebook 14 which is just £220

    Me: check's pocket

    Me: I have 20 pounds

  3. While a lot of these are decent machines (with the exceptions being the Dell XPS'es which are premiuim!) I would not recommend Chromebooks for ANYTHING! I mean….if you think about it….you spend a few hundred dollars, use it then graduate…and then what?….it sits around collecting dust…or just wasting space. instead I would recommend the Lenovo ThinkPad models…..maybe not the Carbon or X1 which are kind of pricey……but a student could definitely make do with a ThinkPad T-450 / T-460 / T-470 and if they have the kind of money required?..a T-480. These laptops will survive the frat party mishap…..can double up as the mixer /music machine for a rave (external speakers needed of course!) are resilient as hell, and have an unmistakable look! But hey…that's just my recommendation! Awesome video!!

  4. 1:14 rise of the tomb raider!!!!

  5. order your laptop on black Friday!!

  6. Student laptops need a student budget

  7. apple macbook get really annoying i suggest a laptop with an operating system of windows 10 or chrome os

  8. Is $930 AUD a decent price for the Acer Swift 3? it is the only one available (buying from eBay US, to Australia)

  9. I currently have an original surface book base model and use it for school (due to handwriting), and it definitely is a very good student laptop, except for the battery life and lack of USB C, both of which are probably solved with the second gen

  10. I'm returning to the first video i watched when i first started my ultra book search 8 months ago. I've done a lot of research, a LOT of saving, and I've decided on the Microsoft Surface Laptop. It's not on your list, but it feels satisfying to come back here 🙂

  11. What about the MSI PS63 Modern??

  12. I just need to use ms office and eclipse, is there anything that costs less than my tuition?

  13. Back to school laptop
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    Night laptop
    Laptops for using while ur in good mood
    Laptops to use after u drive home
    Laptops for use when your sad
    Laptops for use when your happy
    Laptops for outdoor
    Laptops for Indoor
    Laptops for show off
    Laptops for No show off but show off
    Laptops when your back to UNI
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    PLZ give us a break

  14. omg im sooo jealous i have mac and it sucks

  15. Chrome books are the shittiest computers I have ever used in my entire life. I’m forced to use them for school and they’re such a pain in the ass to use.

  16. Can you make videos with dollars

  17. Can we get best recommended laptops at an more reasonable price range maybe $200-$500 at most ?

  18. Does a HUAWEI MateBook x pro have google docs and all that kinda stuff

  19. very budget friendly…

  20. "So no one really wants to go back to school.."


  21. Daaaaamn you’re so handsome??



  23. "For students" you smoking crack nigga, am I gunna pull 1,000$ out of my ass?

  24. Hey we want something cheap

  25. No one in my school brings laptop at that level of price ( except for swift 3 ) while they're still suckin' money form their mother's wallet.

  26. I gagged reading the prices of these…

  27. Wow! Recommending a 1000£ laptops for students! Briliant ideas! How would a budget student pay for it? By loan? Not to mention a budgeted student is already on a studies loan…What a misdirected video??

  28. Please make a video for the best laptop of 2018

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