►ASUS VivoBook F510UA
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►Dell G3 15
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►Acer Aspire E 15
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  1. Im in philipines so does are freaking 700$

  2. This Is more medium/high buget

  3. This isnt right i have acer aspire and it lags so much it takes me days to get on the internet and i have dodo wifi

  4. I'm looking at this because my xbox connection isn't working

  5. Can anyone please help me out a little, my birthday is soon and I need to find a gaming laptop that can run Rust on Steam. My max price is 1,100


  7. When you open the page: "Amazon is worldwide"
    Well yes but everything is like 200€ cheaper in the US than in the Germany store lol (I mean stuff that costs about 750-1500$)

  8. Yo if ur gonna butt fuck me financially make it cheap atleast

  9. uk price for Dell G3 15: 769 pounds i'm gonna faint how do I afford that
    how is that affordable your making us around mid class people look like low class people. );

  10. That feeling when i have Acer Aspire E15 and playing Minecraft with 40 fps :)))

  11. Are you linus tech tips

  12. Do I need to buy these laptops or a gaming laptops? I only play league of legends? Please answer me I'm going to buy laptop this week

  13. I have the new Acer aspire. The only laptop the store on our base had with a large graphics card.

  14. Nah imma stick to my ps3 was hoping for something under 200 bux

  15. What about the hp pavilion?

  16. HOW IS £1000 BUDGET?

  17. top 5 budget gaming laptops

    My wallet: Hold up

  18. #1 700$, yeah nope lmao

  19. I wish I had the money to buy one of this

  20. I don't know what language ur speaking but I'm going to buy one of those

  21. But can it run minecraft

  22. I think the question we all want the awnser to is where can I find a £5000 laptop accidentally listed as £50

  23. We're is the msi

  24. it sounds like you are just reading the marketing material on the products' page

  25. YOU CALL £750 BUDGET???

  26. Does the acre aspire e15 come with windows 10? Or do you have to download it

  27. I feel stupid watching this…
    Like what is a USB type c port
    My brain

  28. Sounds like you are just reading online reviews. Not cool, I could have done that.

  29. First computer is around 700 dollars. That's pretty expensive.

  30. $900 is not cheap

  31. "The dual fans will keep the laptop cool while pushing it to it's limits" bullshit my dude. I'm talking 60Celsius, not Fahrenheit. It'll overheat like crazy. On top of that, he doesn't show any benchmark. He also makes every laptop on this list seem like the top 1.

  32. 3:11 that’s what happened to mine though

  33. I don’t think budget is $700

  34. Can you play call of duty in acer aspire 15 ?

  35. Yeah, over half of these so called gaming laptops don't have a dedicated gaming GPU! What a waste of time…glad I didn't watch it all! 🙁 TOTAL CLICKBAIT for affiliate CA$H!

  36. wow this vid was bad

  37. All due respect but $700 for a laptop isn't budget bud

  38. Acer Aspire E 15 has a DVD drive.
    Excuses me what?

  39. you read what the description the manufacturer had put LOL

  40. Boy if u buying gaming laptop ur not gonna be The Gamer that plays likę in toilet and all that sh. T

    Btw u change acer nitro 5 with acer predator helios that cost likę 900 and wasnt on vid

  41. "budget gaming laptops"

  42. I feel like you know nothing about laptops at all. Could’ve included benchmarks, or at least prices on the screen.

  43. This is not budget.

  44. The title is budget but the mentioned laptops all cost at least 650 US dollars.

  45. Acer upside down spells jade

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