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►Acer Aspire E 15
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►ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA
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►Lenovo ideapad 320 – Best Budget Laptop under 300

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  1. I really need a macbook 🙁

  2. imagine having a budget of over 700 dollars

  3. My MacBook Air is getting old and one of these days I’ll need a new lap top but won’t spend this much again. I’m hoping to find something under $300, I need it for basic work and nothing else.

  4. man, your idea of budget is pretty screwy lol

  5. Lets help them, we didn't need the ram on board ( just 4Gb ) and we didn't need the storage that it comes with! And many of us don't need Windows since we use other OS's since we don't need the headache. Obviously we don't need USB-2 since it might mean an old chipset ( maybe the same as the A9 )… here is what we like to see, just a barebones laptop with 4 cores ( forget hyper treading ) at least 3.5 Ghz processor, two empty sockets for DDR4 ram USB 3.1 ( X3 ) 1 USB 3C , no OS ( no windows ). And for your efforts we will give you an extra $100.00 haw's that?.

  6. great video ,,,,,

  7. I'm late but i hope someone replyes to this.
    Next week Im getting either a ASUS C423NA chromebook laptop or a HP 205 G7. Since i don't know sh*t about laptops can anyone tell me this: can they run games like just cause 2, borderlands 2, prototype? I would be really grateful.

  8. On Amazon the Average Cost of Asur E – 15 is $750 usd…This is not even a Name Brand Company.

  9. Not a-sus it pronounced a-sous

  10. I buy lenovo ideapad c340 i3 10th gen with touch display $479

  11. The price range on these is WAY too wide for this to be called a bidget laptop rundown.

  12. EBay has a lot of refurbished and pre-owned laptops that are legitimate. For those not already aware.

  13. 700 is not budget??

  14. How much cost the last one?

  15. M o n e y I S g o o d

  16. c h e a p I N T E N S I F I E S

  17. That Acer laptop would be great for me but, it's way out of my price range.

  18. lenovo 320 and 330 are best in market

  19. Acer aspire 5 is better than e15

  20. Video wasn't helpful at all for me

  21. I need a laptop that can withstand a lot of wanking, what do you recommend.

  22. Just saying, having gameplay in the background distracts from the explanation.

  23. Over 700?! Yeah, no way that’s not a budget laptop

  24. What was that game he was playing in the Acer aspire e15 one? I must know!?

  25. People complaining about the price of the gaming laptop don't know shit about technology. The guy who made this video said this is the best bang for your buck laptop in most categories. Gaming laptops under 500 dollars will simply not cut it. 700 dollars is a good price for a cheap laptop like the one he was talking about. However a 700 dollar laptop for the other ones he was talking about isn't that much budget friendly.

  26. What is stopping manufacturers from making a small laptop (about 11 inches), and the newest low budget processor, such us Athlon? Without OS and lots of expandable ram. There is literally nothing like this on the market. And a consumer can't even make it themselves, because it is a laptop.

  27. Us: Cool I'm gonna get it because it's cheap
    Amazon: $1000
    Us: That's not cheap or in our budget

  28. Chromebooks are not laptops! Stop saying it is.

  29. Why not include the prices of these damn man dislike

  30. the name ASUS sounds generic but I have no complaints with my ASUS. Before my Asus laptop I had an HP Envy and a Sony VAIO. I purchased the VAIO simply because it was a Sony and boy did I screw up when i did that! Biggest piece of junk I ever bought. My next laptop the HP Envy I had better luck but that was only because I had bought the warranty. However, with my ASUS I've had some really great luck with. I had some problems when I first got it but I sent it into ASUS and they fixed the problem no charge and customer service was awesome.

  31. 3:35 there is no such thing as an Intel graphics card

  32. I was gonna buy a cheap $500 laptop, but it wasn’t branded, so my dad told me to get a brand laptop because if it breaks we’ll be able to go to one of the brand’s professional agencies to repair it

  33. People are mad thinking a 700 dollar laptop is expensive for the tech ? your phone probably costs more and does less. What do you expect to get for under 500? A think pad? Just go to QVS and make payments on one of you can’t afford it.

  34. I need one less that 170!

  35. Just tell us the price right after you show it to us

  36. Yeah when is dollar general bringing in laptops

  37. You just ned to Whrite an website

  38. Inspirion isnt my choice i had the 7547 ( if i recal correctly) this one is a bit of a upgrade. Mine died. Screen wont turn on and the computer wont work with a seperate monitor. I had the computer 4 or 5 years. Little use and very little gaming. Not good for the price.

  39. This review is as superfluous as my use of superfluous here.. sounded more like a sales pitch than a tech review.

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