Hello Guys and Today I’m going to show you my list for the Top 5 Best Budget Laptops For College Students In 2018! These are some of the best choices for laptops if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend much on a new laptop but also want it to function well and perform all basic tasks along with some extras like editing and even gaming. Overall, I feel like this is a great list that should cater to most people’s needs.

Buy The Laptops From Amazon US:
5. HP Stream 14($200):…

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  1. How are you recommending 4gb ram for INR 70,000 in 2018??

  2. Always listen to a brown guy’s advice when it comes to cheaper alternatives

  3. what about asus vivobook x542u i5

  4. the aspire 5 is hella ugly tho

  5. Thanks!!! Nice video

  6. Give the link of full HD variant of Acer Aspire 5…

  7. Stolen footage ?

  8. I m planning to buy the Acer aspire 5 in offline market.. but the model available offline doesn't have the backlit keyboard and the display is hd.. what should I do? I'm not quite comfortable buying online..

  9. Acer aspire 5 46k ka hai

  10. This guy seems to rush every laptop videos he makes.

  11. Need only 90 subs for 10k don't forget to throw a party

  12. good vid bro nice collection of laptops

  13. If i was to choose between macbook air and dell 5370 and my only priority is net surfing watching movies coding and i need good battery. Which should i choose?

  14. Please also include battery life also. Do these laptop run for more than 6 hours?

  15. Thanks for telling me this VerTechHD

  16. Can you make a video on high-end student laptops 🙂

  17. bro what about acer swift 3 with ryzen 5 2400u model ??? pls reply

  18. Hey can you say about acer swift 1?

  19. Bru how to convert shared memory into dedicated vram in a ryze.5 laptop of Acer

  20. Thanks for the video man

  21. Hey VerTeck Wat Doing

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