Hello Guys and Today I’m going to show you my list for the Top 5 Best Budget College Laptops Of 2019! These are some of the best budget offerings from many different brands and I feel like these laptops should do well for almost everyone. These laptops will allow you to do work, gaming and even editing on a lower budget and like my older videos, I also have laptops of different price ranges so you get more of a range to choose from.

Buy The Laptops On Amazon US:
5. Lenovo Ideapad 320($350):…

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  1. pls give download link of dany"s wallpaper

  2. 0:38 ? looks illegal in other colors, that’s so true

  3. Seems like ur english has some arabic touch

  4. I think this guy drank a very chilled milkshake before giving voice over.

  5. good video, but please speak slower so english speaking viewers can understand and appreciate your information more cause we Can't slow down video playback, as it makes it worse. Beautiful video though. Thanks 😀

  6. Acer swift doesn’t have good colour accuracy ….

  7. No one:
    The guy in the video: diz liptip is cipabol of doing giming and tayping at ze seym taym

  8. why you are singing?

  9. Lenovo 330s no discreet graphics card, yet editing? That too with 4gb RAM.

  10. It's better if you quote Indian pricing rather than in dollars.

  11. Which is better i3 8130u or ryzen 3 2200u

  12. Can someone recommend me a budget laptop that can raun autocad smoothly? Thank you. ?

  13. Where's the Asus x505za

  14. please explain slowly u r voice are not clear man

  15. Which of these can play pubg pc

  16. Abe gandu dollars Ku like Rakha hai Indian rupees mn likh na konse saree angreez tera video dekh rhe hain

  17. 27,000th subscriber here ??

  18. Bro tell under 800$ best laptops

  19. Say cost in rupees

  20. Ee Dollar
    Indian ruppes me bana na

  21. Bc indian price bolna

  22. Bro I don't get what ur saying…

  23. Tu Indian hai to tu dollars me kyu Marva Raha hai

  24. What about asus vivobook x512

  25. What about Macbook Air 2017, It's still gud

  26. ptertir tatra batra latkara ????
    what English,???

  27. I bet your a good YouTuber.:)

  28. your Indian bitch

  29. fuck you asshole

  30. Bro, Your English pronunciation is bad…

  31. behn k lode indian hai indians k lie video bna.. koi ni dekhega angrej vid tri chutiye fudi de lode . bhen choda

  32. Shall I buy fx 505 dt

  33. Is it worth buying any of these laptops at this time ? Caz all of them are like 10 months old and would get updated pretty soon. Plus they still go for the same price without any discounts even after 10 months

  34. Bro please make a video on LENOVO IDEAPAD 530S… Please bro please..!!

  35. Bro can you suggest me a laptop which can game a lil bit but should be sleek

  36. bro i have just bought a Acer aspire 5 i5 7

  37. When will 9th gen processors will release on budget laptops?

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