Hello Guys and Today I’m going to show you the Top 5 Best Budget Laptops For Students In 2019! There are many budget laptops you can buy that are great nowadays, but some great options for students on a budget include all these laptops. I have done my best to include laptops that will cater to multiple needs and are at different price ranges for you to have more flexibility with your purchase. This video will give you a short overview of these laptops and will help you decide which you…

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  1. Can i3 10th generation processor be able to handle all multitasking??
    Like web browsing,PPTs and 1 software like SPSS SAS SAP SIGMA STAT ALL ARE STATICS SOFTWARE?????

  2. Hey i got a question whats the name of the acer aspire

  3. Please do a full review on New HP Pavilion X360 15.6". Looking forward to buy it but i want to see your review before i make the decision.

  4. Pls spit your bubble gum so we can understand.

  5. How you can say budget laptop , 73000

  6. Excellent video. Thank you for including the prices

  7. Stop singing..

  8. Ko cakap apa tapir

  9. acer aspire 5 me backlit keyboard nhi h

  10. bhai acer aspire 5 me i5 8265u processor h ye video me isi me dekh rha hu

  11. Laptop under 70k

  12. Acer Aspire 5 (ssd) model is not available in India.

  13. Those who wonder which 1 , I highly recommend you to pick up the laptop with mx150 or aspire 5. I'm mx150 user I can play every new games that released in 2016-2018. Very decent fps I could get with that laptop

  14. Please do a comparison between Acer aspire 5 new model and old model.

  15. I was searching for this my man. And i subscribed to you just yesterday. Thank you so much. Was looking for a 14" and i think I'll pick the Asus Flip.

  16. Why no one is talking about inspiron 7572 it has good spes great ips led display 4gb graphics latest i5 and i7 processors ?

  17. HD 620 Mobile Kaby Lake Support Gaames List Please ? More 40 FPS

  18. where is the link for acer aspire 5 new version? can't find it anywhere with mx150
    the link is also not correct

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