►Fitbit Charge 3
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►LETSCOM Fitness Tracker
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►Apple Watch Series 4
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  1. What about if I need one without screen why is It so hard to find one!?!!!!? I don't want a mini watch in my wrist I already have my watch I want a wristband that tells me my steps and sleep.

  2. Hawie watch gt2 is good

  3. I have read that the samsung gear fit pro 2 only offers around 3 days of battery time… anything less than 5 days is really poor for a fitness tracker wearable…

  4. oi which one of these works on the iphone 6

  5. It is 'one point six three' inches and not 'one point sixty three' inches

  6. I have a polar watch from 6 years ago. It tracks how long I’m laying down, sitting down, standing up, walking and running. It shows my activity for the whole day and how much time I did any of those. For example I sat down for 3 hours out of the whole day, I walked for 2 hrs and laid down for 1 hr and stood up for 4hrs. It also shows the times I did all of those through out the day. I noticed Fitbit doesn’t do any of that. I can’t figure out how this lame brand is considered one of the best. I got a versa 2 and it sucks, you might as well buy an Apple Watch bc it does barely anything to track your daily activity. It tracks heart rate, calories and steps and only at night time it shows your sleep, but it doesn’t show you if you slept throughout the day.

  7. One of the most important features of these watch/tackers is supposedly taking ECG and providing an atrial fibrillation alert, which …uhhh can save your life or alert to a stroke danger. None of these reviews mention this! Can any of these really do that? Thats the most important question!

  8. 18hrs of battery life??wtf

  9. Amazing Information about the Products, i like the Samsung one .. Good for me 🙂


  11. what kind of strap is on the charge 3?

  12. I subbed. Now I want one of those

  13. Fitbit charge 3 is very well thought out …. except….. brightness too low for exterior use. Practically useless outdoors, even at its highest setting. No fix for this problem thus far.

  14. Just read the advertising literature; very poor review.

  15. Is this a person or a text to speech program…?! Made it to 4:44 before I turned it off, an achievement I think 🙂

  16. Thank mate I am looking at buying one of these. You saved me a lot of time!

  17. Your video sucks as samsung gear fit 2 pro does not have an outstanding battery life. As a user, you will need to charge it almost everyday

  18. What an absolute fucking shit video, your videos are basically just hoping someone clicks your amazon referral links.

  19. video starts at 0:52

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