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►MacBook Pro
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►ASUS C302CA-DHM4 — Best Budget Laptop for Programming
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►Dell XPS 13
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  1. 2:20 be like azxzash24ks2

  2. 13" laptop for programming ? you will regret pretty fast

  3. I left the video when he said macbook pro is good for game development.

  4. Seriously a Chromebook? Even if I could agree with this consider 1 fact, a real programmer will have an app + database software + another app + a browser opened at the same time. This can be used for casual programming but not something serious.

  5. A chromebook, wow

  6. These computers are garbage

  7. Mac book should not be there

  8. Did this dude just look at the specs without realizing it's a chromebook? How would you program on a chromebook? How would you even install a language?

  9. What about macbook air

  10. just buy thinkpad.
    edit: youtube recommendation led me here

  11. I think you are yourself a WordPress developer using XAMPP, that’s why you are listing shit hole laptops

  12. guys im a computer engineer working for inter, the best laptop for computer scientist/engineers is without a doubt the Thinkpad series from lenovo .

  13. Still using my dell xps 14 z.

  14. 4gb ram for multitasking? bye bye

  15. So if I want program in python language using Appjar i Should program how?

  16. A good programming experience, with 4gb’s of ram??

  17. 4 GB and Intel core processor ?

  18. 2:41 "you will get an Intel Core processor"
    Mate, there's a difference between an i3, an i5 and an i7.

  19. This list is garbage. Sorry.

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