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►Acer Aspire E 15
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –
✔GER & EU Prices –

► Huawei MateBook Signature Edition – Best 2 in 1 Laptop under 500
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices – N/A
✔CA Prices –

►HP Touch Screen Laptop – Best Touch Screen Laptop under 500
✔US Prices -…

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  1. normal buyer /user looking only laptop under 100-200$ why pay more if same can buy cheapen ??? i has use 150$ expensive laptop 3 year and no newer has problems. win7.

  2. I've had the Acer Aspire E 15 for 3 years and I hate it. It can't run most programs I use, and if it can it's slow. Not a good enough graphics card to nicely run WoW or DaVinci Resolve. The color of the screen lean to a slight blue tint and makes color grading difficult when going with just what I see.

  3. Future Laptop list under $500 or $1,000. If anyone knows of one.
    1. Well, it's well decent, and have a good build.
    2. TB space, SSD, or at least a dual-port drive.
    3. Good res, at least 2k,
    4. 16GB ram, but I guess I won't mind 8.
    5. LED keys
    6. Touch screen.
    7. (probably not under 1,000$, but) 144hz screen.
    8. A good amount of USB and other ports. (Including an HDMI) (I really want a DVD drive)
    9. Good or decent battery, but I care about this the least.

    If anyone knows where to get one, that be great.

  4. Basically use Amazon… Thanks

  5. Thank you for posting game performance for each. I saw some boomers here in the comment section saying nobody games, but really, most people do.

  6. Why is this a video of a game? I want to see the fucking laptop…

  7. Duude the rainbow six gameplay is older than me!!

  8. I need one for school

  9. very subjective.. give me specs ?

  10. Finally, a video that doesn't start with "One of the best budget laptops here. It starts at only $1100 making it a great choice for students"

  11. I’m getting the Lenovo ideapad next week! I’m go excited!

  12. The asus is 600 $ it's not under 500 $

  13. Your prices are all wrong dude come on

  14. Stage vivobook is 700 man

  15. Dud what model is the hp touchscreen model pls reply

  16. Lenovo ideapad 320 :/

  17. Which I one do you guys recommend to me I want one for school and games when I’m bored like roblox I know kinda weird but it has some good games

  18. 12 pounds! That can't be right

  19. Noone:
    This tech guy : impressive

  20. Under $500

    Acer VivoBook: Am I a joke to you?

  21. Pls stop showing fake pictures(the lenovo part)… Stop misleading the mass!

  22. Turn ur speed to1.25x

  23. Is the fortnite gameplay at the beginning from the Acer aspire E15?

  24. Isnt there a great laptop that costs nothing? Thats my budget…

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