I highlight the top 5 best laptops for graphic designers looking to enter the Industry. Graphic design is a hot topic, what do you need to become a successful graphic designer?
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► Best Budget Laptop for Graphic Designers and Design Students
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► Top 4 Best Desktop Computers for Graphic Designers

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  1. I would love to see your best pics for 2019?

  2. Your videos are so helpful thanks ?

  3. Dude, what do you think of the color accuracy of microsoft surface pro 6? Please i really need your advice. I am planning to buy one for photo editing ??????????

  4. I’ve been on a watch out for help as I’m planning to join design school. Really find your videos helpful and amazing! Just wanted to know regarding if the RAZER 15” is a good laptop or no for designers? Hope you could help.

  5. I'm interested in getting into graphic design, but am unsure about what PC/Laptop/Tablet to get, I know I need it to be Adobe compatable and have a touch screen and my budget is 1000$ Please Help!

  6. Dude.. i just doin very simple graphic like ilustrator and photoshop only.. is that Acer Nitro 5 good for me?..

  7. Hey, thank you very much for that review. We looked for a new Notebook for one of our young designers who still goes to school and does not want an Apple device. We never would have thought about Dell.

  8. No mention of the Surface Book 2? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

  9. Hello!

    I hope you read my comment haha, i need a advice, u know if the blade sealth is good for a designer? im not a video edited person, but i use photoshop, illustrator, ToonBoom in the same time, im a comic/ animator / graphic designer, i dont have a budget for a applemacbook pro (i considered the more cheap but it have a i5 and 8gb ram, that is not a powerfull for the price) also im not a gamer person, i like steam, but the games i play it is like cuphead, jackbox (no gamer jaja), thats all.


  10. Dude, best… freaking… review… I LOVED your breakdown of all the parts and what was necessary and it was SO affirming. I've been doing research for weeks because my old-ass MacBook Pro is dying and in my search for a 'perfect' new laptop I've had to because psuedo-informed of computer workings. Your video, I'm sitting here like YEESSS THANK YOU!!

  11. Your doing good man

  12. I’m looking to get a computer for pretty much just graphic design. Through my job, I have access to discounts on some laptops. How do you feel about an Acer Aspire Swift 5 or a Lenovo Flex 6 2 in 1 from a designer standpoint?

  13. HP Pavilion x360 -14-cd0056tx
    i7 12GB DDR4 4GB NVidia MX130
    Around 1200-1300 USD.

    Worth it or not?
    For Maya and 3ds Max.

  14. Should i go For Dell XPS 15 9570 i7 8th Gen or Macbook Pro 13 (2018) Base Model

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