For beginners who want to learn video editing, I’d suggest the Filmora Video Editor:
⭐Check Out Bluehost –

►Microsoft Surface Book 2
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –

►Huawei MateBook X Pro
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –

►Acer Predator Helios 500

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  1. Can someone tell me please, laptop for premiere pro cc 2019 what is the best option for less than $1500 ??

  2. Free edeting apps please

  3. I guess you should also note that with all laptops other than Mac, you might as well spend another 1k for virus/malware protection. But Mac 98% of the time cannot get a virus.

  4. Definitely not getting the Hauwei lol

  5. Do you breathe? packing too much in a single sentence. My lungs and brain hurt listening to the narration

  6. A YouTube channel who doesn't show their subscribers is a red flag for me.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is $4000 for me. With that kinda money it's best to build my own computer and it will more powerful.

  7. Is the 16" Macbook good?

  8. After further research I found that most laptop mentioned here are pathetic at video editing.
    Where is Asus proart studiobook?
    HIDevolution MSI GT76 4k 60hz?
    Another studio edition from MSI
    Studio edition from razer?

    You know, video editing and not carrying and looking good in sturbucks pretending to edit

    When you post top5, you have to come up with real top 5 and not some lame laptops

  9. Ammm i think I’ll stay editing on my phone thanks tho .-. (Didn’t even see half of the video)

  10. Ammm i think I’ll stay editing on my phone thanks tho .-. (Didn’t even see half of the video)

  11. Anyone know any good websites that sell used electronics?

  12. Could you make a video for best animation laptops or workstations for 2019-20? Thanks.

  13. I'm editing my videos with my Nokia 3310 daaaaamn

  14. Cannot find this at mediamarkt in Germany

  15. Next time please use some of the ultra books before you read the specs. I bet you’ve never used any of the laptops mentioned. You just read the specs that you’ve found online. You’ve also mentioned affordable laptops (I don’t know what’s affordable here), you’ve recommended NT screen for video editing(NT screens aren’t color accurate, they are good only for gaming). Did you even record those videos?

  16. Where is Lenovo? They're the best for graphic design and coding

  17. Load of rubbish review. Zero value in explaining why these laptops are good for video edition. Don't waste your time

  18. Sir , I wish in the future you will giveaway laptops especially to those people who cant afford to purchase/buy laptop.

  19. Okay so what laptop is best for music, photo and video editing?? And it’s not that expensive ?

  20. adobe after effects plugins :




    beware !

  21. This video has visual appeal. That's about it.

  22. looks at the price for the first laptop

    2,000 dollars? thanks. very affordable

  23. really made sure they are all affordable… very miss leading

  24. the design of predator is af!

  25. What laptop would you recommend out of these 5

  26. When u added the MacBook as a great editing laptop I disliked your video. You talking about a laptop with lots of issues .

  27. Just look for cheap gaming pc. I dont even have a good pc but it works with after effects fairly well

  28. Yea were are the laptops that aren't 900 dollard

  29. Not a single Alienware?

  30. People bitching about price look for second hand stuff still nice and works fine that’s what I do

  31. Is Dell – G7 15.6" Gaming Laptop – Intel Core i7- 16GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 – 128GB Solid State Drive + 1TB Hard Drive – is good for Adobe pr ??? Thanks

  32. Y’all are broke as hell. 1k for a computer is cheap if u want the “best” if your broke just affirm it and pay it monthly or get a better job.

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