Intel’s Core i5 processor has become the perfect balance of cost and performance. This particular processor offers enough juice to run modern games and even do photo and video editing. On the flip side, laptops running the Intel Core i5 processor also come in the widest price gamut, tailoring to almost every budgetary need. This means there’s a massive amount of laptops out in the wild running on Intel Core i5, so we have curated a list of best laptops with Intel Core i5 suitable for a…

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  1. as long as they can run minecraft

  2. not a single device from Asus ?

  3. Microsoft is out of my budget 🙁

  4. Should I go for Asus Vivobook S15 S530 or Lenovo Ideapad 530s …i5 with mx150 ? Plz help

  5. Hlo sir, I really love ur reviews style and also we are thankful for it,
    Sir please recommend a i5 processor laptop on 40000/- approx., As soon as possible ?

  6. Bro no doubt you're doing a hardwork in making these videos but just one request can make a video or if you can let me know which PC will be best one till 35K as I've no idea about anything so will appreciate if you can help me out. Cheers!!

  7. These r not for everyone and u said "laptop for every user" in starting of video.
    Wasted my time……

  8. Can I buy Hp BC406TX pavilion 15
    i5 8thgen H type 2.0Ghz base speed
    8gb ram 2400Mhz
    Gpu 1050 4gb Nvidia
    1 TB 5400RPM
    Price 65,000 ??
    Is that worth

  9. Hi members of Digit, why don't you review the 'HP Pavilion 14-ce1000tu'.
    it has an i5 8265u (whiskey lake) processor and 8gb of RAM along with 256gb PCIE NVME storage. On top of that they are even offering MS office 2016 and a 2 year care pack in just about 67000 rupees. That's a killer business pc/student laptop configuration.
    Have to decide by 1st January so if you could reveiw it sooner, i'll be highly obliged. Will be waiting

  10. I need a laptop please

  11. Playback speed x1.25
    Thank me later

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