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A look at 5 affordable laptops for College and School Students.

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  1. what a cheap laptops, only those rich kids can buy this cheap laptops.

  2. Can I use MS word on any of these

  3. Either get some sleep, or drop out of fight club, because the bags under your eyes are heavy

  4. these are no where near cheap!!!!!!!

  5. these are no where near cheap!!!!!!!

  6. I hate chromebooks i got one now i cant download any of the programs i need 🙁

  7. chromebook???!!!!!!!!!!

  8. None of these besides the first one are "Cheap". Thanks for wasting my time.

  9. Dude this aren't fucking cheap

  10. 789 is not affordable

  11. A good list of laptops, but one thing is half of the products aren't exactly what you would deem as cheap.

  12. You call $800 a cheap laptop? wtf? Fuck you, for wasting my damn time.

  13. I have a MacBook Pro early 2008 with an Intel core 2 duo 2.6ghz 4gb of RAM and a 240gb ssd

  14. My laptop is an Asus X553MA with 4gb ddr3 RAM, intel core 2 duo at 2.43ghz intel graphics and it was $249. also I got-but regretted getting- a dell latitude 2120 netbook with 2gb ddr3, an intel Atom (horrible processors) at 1.6ghz (such speed) and intel hd graphics for around $50

  15. You need some sleep my man

  16. Chris Stuckman is that you?!? XD

  17. Can u make a vid of laptops that look like Macs

  18. i have a chromebook

  19. You look like Bill Burr's younger brother.

  20. How bout your laptop :3

  21. I'm a Junior High student.
    My Laptop is:

    Mid 2012 MacBook Pro
    Intel Core i5 3210M@ 2.5GHz-3.1GHz
    8GB of RAM
    Intel HD Graphics 4000 1.5GB DDR3
     HGST 500GB 5400RPM HDD
    13.3" With resolution of 1280×800.

  22. apple users always putting dell first lol concidence, for me best manufacture

    -HP ^ same shit

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