Let’s check out some of the best gaming headsets from 2019!
• Razer Kraken X:
• Corsair Virtuoso:
• Fnatic React:
• HyperX Cloud Orbit S:
• Logitech G Pro X:
? Honorable Mentions ?
• Cooler Master MH751:
• Sennheiser 370:
• Astro A40 TR + Mixamp Pro:

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  1. 1:24 do the corsair virtuoso really have bluetooth connectivitiy and can they be connected to a mobile device? Because at my local online retailer it is written that there is no bluetooth in the virtuoso.

  2. What was that game he was playing?

  3. I like the HyperX Orbit S features and sound quality specially for people who produce music with a DAW.

  4. Still stuck with my Steelseries Siberia elite prism… they're starting to give up after 5 years 🙁

  5. Is the game one still recommend? Or are there better ones around the same price or lower.

  6. But yes. Great Segway my guy LOL XD

  7. When your looking at the fanatics and you realise it has an affiliate link in the description

  8. Razer Kraken tournament is the best headset change my mind

  9. Does anyone know if I can use the the CORSAIR with Bluetooth on a iPhone…?
    I play PUBG mobile so I’m looking for a good gamin headphone.

  10. Would the razor headset be good for rainbow six siege?

  11. "These are going to be expensive, $330…."

    Laughs in audiophile.

    Sweet summer child.

  12. Bruh I love the way u say p "hey guys I'm random frank pey"

  13. The mobis has no impact on vr because sound directionality is handled by the VR programming of the game.

  14. Damn the Logitech g pro x I wanted until I heard that mic. I just want one that makes a voice equal to the top separate “studio” mics

  15. He almost looks like dr lupo

  16. With the g pro headset on console, are you using an amp or USB to 3.5 to boost them or do they sound good plugged right into the controller?

  17. Where is the Beyerdynamic MMX300 Gen2? Thats the best Headset ever. Better then these but ok

  18. don t know why but, every video starts with RANDOMFRANKP WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf sound like pula mea

  19. All these headsets are 7.1 surround sound featured wright

  20. @randomfrankp hi….
    thanks for all the information.
    however I'm still hesisating to find a perfect headset for me to play rainbow six siege on the ps4.
    please can you hepl on that ?!

  21. what game is he playing?

  22. Dude these suck for positional purposes.. Unless I'm setting up the software wrong..? I also have the regular one not the X

  23. I like how the headsets just raised in the beginning ?

  24. Is Logitech G pro an 3D Sound ?

  25. Does any of these work on iPad ?

  26. Better the Logitech G Pro X or the Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDac?

  27. On the Orbit software. RandomFrankP: "Essential." Hardware Canucks:
    "Gimmick." Hmmm

  28. This is not the best. He counts in budget…

  29. Gotta make sure the nerds camping in my mw lobby know in good quality

  30. Who else can’t get there eyes off that pc

  31. Best Headsets for Consoles?

  32. I cherish how dynamic colors are within the picture.

  33. Does the virtual surround on the razer work on console?

  34. Your beauty is amazing.

  35. Are their any good headphone for people deaf in one ear? Or good accessibility options?

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