If you’re looking for a great gaming laptop right now, there are a ton of amazing choices available! Here are the best gaming laptops of 2017, based on performance, value, and design.

#5 – Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming

#4 -…

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  1. Where msi laptop

  2. Oh come on Lenovo legion is way much better than this

    But I feel good as we all r laptop gamers

  3. I just don’t like the Zephyrus bcuz the keyboard might be a bit hard for me to get used to :p

  4. Gigabyte better than alienware? What a joke

  5. The only good gaming laptops on the market is razerblade, asus predator and the Alienware. All the other ones are rip offs and you might aswell get a pc

  6. I have that ROG…. Yessssss

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  8. i brought the dell inspiron 15 7000 gaming and i want to know if it was worth it????

  9. Is acer predator a good choice?

  10. I use alien ware, yes a little over priced but I think it's an amazing computer

  11. I just wanna know what’s the best laptop to run gta 5 mods

  12. asus zephyrus is ugly

  13. Yay my Alienware is on the list


  15. predator 21x?????//

  16. Asus rog is the best one gaming laptop

  17. I have a aspire v15 nitro black edition laptop with geforce gtx960 and 16 gb ram

  18. msi i5 7300hq gtx 1060 6 gb vs msi i7 7700hq gtx 1050ti 4gb ??

  19. Is there any decent enough laptop for under $400 at least?

  20. lenovo legion y720 and y520

  21. Where is acer triton 700?

  22. The Inspiron 15 7000 is nice

  23. U shouldn’t be gaming on a laptop ?

  24. I just saw 110,000 subs

  25. No Predator 21x or msi?

  26. Uhm, Omen 17? Where's that?

  27. Asus and Acer make shit.

  28. I can't personally speak for other Razer products but I have yet to buy a Razer gaming mouse that doesn't break within a year or 2. I'v had 4 of them 2014-2017. Maybe it's bad luck, IDK– but never have issues with Corsair or Logitech gaming mice. Specifically the G500 for Logitech… jesus fucking christ are these things durable– it's insane, I'll swear by it till the day I die. I don't know what they use or how they make these G500's but I've officially dubbed them "Crash Dummy Mice".

  29. Razol blade almost look like macbook pro 2011 late 13 inch

  30. Acer predator is the best

  31. Asus rog gl502

  32. 1300 for the Alienware 17 is not bad because think about you have to pay for an iPhone X or a surface pro

  33. razer blade is my fav.

  34. For this price range gaming laptops are giving you a good performance with not that great outer build quality.

  35. I have a acer predator x20 yeeeeeeeeeeeeey

  36. Tbh HP pavilion power should have been on this list in place of the dell inspiron

  37. Hey what about PREDATOR Triton 700
    It's way better that ROG
    In every means from build quality to look and performance

  38. Razer is the apple of gaming

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