2019 saw the introduction of mobile RTX laptops so it was an exciting year. Which were my favourite gaming laptops?

Asus GA502 Zephyrus G
Buy: $939

Asus ROG Strix GL531GU
GTX 1650 on Amazon:

MSI GE75 Raider
Buy on Amazon:
RTX 2070: $1799…

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  1. I got the Acer nitro 5 17inch it was an awesome laptop for about a month. After that it turned off and never came back on it's currently being repaired hopefully it's just something silly.

  2. The Eluktronics Mech 17 have an old style keyboard, which is the old type of keyboard that were used to see in more older laptops and that surely will make it very pleasant to type anything on. Most probably I would go for that one or the HP's 17" variant, but since I can't afford these laptops I will keep watching these videos to fulfill my soul from my poorness.

  3. what´s that program where you can see the FPS, CPU temperature, GPU temperature and other stuff???

  4. Question what kind gaming mice good to start off for beginners budget ?

  5. What would you recommend – zephryus m or y740 or Helios 300 in terms of build, display, thermals and performance.
    All have the same specs – 9750h + 1660ti and also the same price

  6. Do not buy a gaming laptop buy a desktop gaming PC. I bought a desktop gaming PC on this website for only $335 and it can run games like Battlefield 5, Rust and PUBG at 70 fps high settings. maxferris.com I highly recommend doing this instead of getting a laptop.

  7. Why not Triton 500??

  8. What about the msi gs65 stealth 2nd version? kinda seems the mag 15 took its looks? with an -.150mv and 3.2ghz lock on all 6 cores i been pushing max res and gfx on every game ive played, staying around 59c to mid 70s (stock paste) that all on the gtx1660ti and i7 9750h, with 1tb of nvme…at about 1350 bucks at bestbuy…

  9. Im getting the razer blade 15 white with a rtx 2070 max q

  10. At 5:33 why The screen of HP keep freezing like that?

  11. I like how you showed the inside well done

  12. The question is?? Will it run on the isle recode ?

  13. I have acer predator helios 300 2019 ❤️✌️

  14. Don't u think this video should have been posted near blackfriday, wayy too late bud -from a guy who got a laptop for xmas

  15. Why makin a video of 2019 and upload it 2020?

  16. Can you review the xiaomi mi 2019 gaming laptop plzz?

  17. Acer helios or asus gl531gu both have same cpu, gpu, ram and price in my country which one should I pick?

  18. Your talking about top gaming laptops no one care about battery life
    I don’t understand why mention low performance and budget laptops and the video name TOP gaming laptops

  19. Between the Helios and the Y740?

  20. Best upgradeable gaming laptop under $770. No Acer please.

  21. So which one is the best of the best is money is not a problem?

  22. Asus scar 3 17/9750/2070


    This HP Omen 17 9750/2070?

  23. Man i would love a good gaming laptop but my family is poor like we have 100 bucks leftover every month that we save since our car breaks down a lot. So….maybe one day i will be able to get a good laptop and not have to use a 50 dollar android.

  24. I got myself Acer predator helios 300 15'' and love it. ??

  25. Hi, I wanna ask. I study University and I need new laptop. What is better?
    Of course I need good performace for programing 3D and gaming.
    I thinking about DELL G5 5590 i7 9750h, RTX2070 MAX-Q / MSI GP65 9SE i7 9750h, RTX2060 ?
    Or you have other choice? I am from Czech republic we have e-shop as "https://www.alza.cz/EN/" I think too about LENOVO LEGION Y740 15" I7 8750h, RTX2070 MAX-Q
    but I heard this laptop have little bad cooling system. Maybe not bad asi G5 5590 but bad and after 2 year notebook go to heaven….
    Thank you for you help

  26. I have the HP Pavilion 2018 and it runs too hot, undervolting doesn't help. Did you know any other solutions ?

  27. Lenovo Y740 is one of the best deals when you consider the whole package, they have pretty frequent sales and I picked one up with a i7-9750H -2070MQ-and beautiful 500 nit Gsync screen for a little over $1400.
    Runs cool and quiet really helps too.

  28. you gonna ask eluktronics to review their 2080 mech 17? id like to see how it compares against the 2070

  29. My MSI GE75 i7 / 2080 rocks, going strong since launch!

  30. Alienware M17 R2 with RTX 2080 and i7-9750 ftw!!

  31. asus on top 5 hnmm same model yesday i got 4 laptop not work good cos have problem ………… and they keep tell me it ben test on war like real war on life wish it funny .

  32. How about predator triton 500?

  33. Would you say that G-sync is a deciding factor?

  34. Lenovo y740!
    G sync. Good thermal, great screen.

  35. Msi Gaming laptops are amazing.
    I bought an ESL GS stealth Msi laptop series, black stainless steel with gold triming, 144 frames per second screen and GeForce GTX 1660Ti and Intel Core i7 9800.

  36. Im planning to get Acer Triton 500 rtx 2060, i7 9750 for 1599$ . I love the all metal design and the fact it's thin and light. What do u think.?? Shud I get that or Helios 300 1660ti for 1499$ . Is the frame rates on both identical ? Or is the trition way better. ??

  37. Stephen happy new year! :)..which thermal paste/compound is better to use Noctua NT-H1(there's also an H2 in amazon don't know what's the difference between them) or Arctic Silver 5?..i added you on steam btw (psilocybin360).

  38. What would you say about the Dell g5?

  39. Hey dont hate Triton though it was the only laptop I could get my hands on lol

  40. Steven, is there anyway to contact you as I'd like to get your opinion on some possible Mag 15 specs and also on the Mag 15 v Aero 15? Happy new year by the way. I hope you had a nice Christmas.

  41. the asus zephyrus g ga502 in my country only 700 dollar ?

    my wallet: dont you think about it

  42. And here he does it once again…. Laptop review and recommendation at its best ?

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