If you are looking at getting into hacking and need some good book recommendations, this video Alli (@DaComicGirl) gives you her top 5 hacking books for beginners.

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Linux Basics for Hackers

Penetration Testing- A Hands on Introduction to Hacking
Georgia Weidman

Web Application Hacker’s…

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  1. How did you like the the hacker's playbook2? Not too rough a read?

  2. Dude, your cheeks are very cool.

  3. use mirro thing for video editing

  4. What a great channel, I am really interesting in ciber security area but I am a dummy, so what do you recommend to me for starting in this area? and besides I am from Colombia how can I get that books?

  5. Great books recommendation, thanks

  6. Wtf female Indo European hacker teacher ✋

  7. Useful information.thnx mam

  8. Why the microphone look photoshopped in? lol

  9. Sharing my list of 9 Hacking Books with Hacking stories – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zvhvnGYDVw&t=3s

  10. heyy haii, i checked those books u have suggested mostly those books seems to be old.( Penetration Testing- A Hands on Introduction to Hacking ) dont have 2nd edition. the techniques seems to be old. how to scope up with is old books.. any suggestions ??

  11. wow I like your girl version dude

  12. Love the suggestions! Thanks for the overview and I'll check them all out. The volume is still really low on your recording.

  13. One of the books I just bought and follow the author on twitter is called " Basic Security Testing with Kali Linux" third edition from Daniel Dieterle. He has a good book and it working on pentesting all the time and new project in Linux. his twitter is @cyberArms

  14. I have the linux hacking for beginners. Its a great book.

  15. Penetration Testing book is out of date and a lot of the tools don't work right anymore. Needs an updated version but was great read when working.

    Best book I recommend is
    "The basics of Hacking And Penetration Testing:2nd edition" by Patrick Engebretson

    I would suggest also Black Hat hacking with Python if they made a newer edition because it also suffers tools and codes that no longer work

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