The Best Laptops for Back to School with an Emphasis on Gaming Performance. Links & Deals to Laptops in-order-of appearance below:
Asus F555LA-AB31 ($299):
Acer Aspire E 15 ($549):
Dell 7559-763 ($779):
HP Omen 2016 ($999):
ASUS Strix GL502 ($1249):

960GB PNY Solid State Drive ($215):

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  1. Here's me just tryna find a laptop for minecraft n sims

  2. I feel like he’s looking into my soul ??????????????????‍♀️????‍♀️????????????

  3. So the Omen laptop is actually good for college work?

  4. Guys he is staring into my soul

  5. Can u get minecraft in any of these?

  6. saving up for the omen def.

  7. Is it convinient to play csgo on laptops (considering it has descent specs)?

  8. Thanks man , this is a really really good video , really well explained, love how you made it all in an 8 min video

  9. This guys is the only guy who knows what budget means

  10. Cant find the asus anywhere the link in the description goes to amazon and they dont have any

  11. Anyone have a Australian website that's Have a BYOD?

  12. Oh! man you just made my day.Thanks for the vid.

  13. This guy looks like gareth bale

  14. God man this guy creep the shit out of me ! Dude blink please it’s creepy as fuck

  15. im thinking about buying Dell 7559-763 which is in position 3, however im not going to be really into serious gaming, im just more concerned doing a perfect job for college (im studying electronical engineering), is buying a computer like this a good idea?

  16. Please help me im not techy. For the Acer aspire E15 when I searched it so many appeared: Acer aspire E15 E5-575, E15 E5-576, and so on. Which one should I buy?

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