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  1. I have Dell Inspiron 7560 i7. When I dragged some Nexus 2 and couple of serums, laptop starts making sounds like a jet engine.

  2. Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 7378 are good for music production?? I need help pliss?

  3. Your voice IS SOOOO SOOTHING!!! ❤️

  4. Thank you bro. Tell me about noisy fan in asus rog….is it matter on recording job?

  5. What about the very annoying updates troubles with Windows 10 ? Any comment about this topic by windows users for music production?

  6. Use a MacBook Pro 16 , much better

  7. I have a Gigabyte Aorus 17ya and is fkn perfect.

  8. you have a link that says "dell xps 15" and i click it and it takes me to "dell xps 13"…. what the fuck man.

  9. In my opinion, if you're purchasing a laptop for music production you won't need a powerful GPU.
    Of course, those laptops are fast, have a high refreshrate, rgb keyboard and so, but isn't necessary for a music production laptop

    This is an ideal laptop for music production in my opinion:
    An i5 9th gen or 10th gen it should handle your DAW fine with a good amount of plugins
    16GB RAM is a good amount of ram for this task (if using a lot of instances of serum, omnisphere, nexus, etc for an EDM or Dubstep Track, you may need more ram)
    When it comes about the storage, there are 3 options
    1. 1TB NVMe SSD if you want your massive projects to load faster and have space for your sound libraries
    2. 1TB Sata SSD (pretty cheap right now good timings for such tasks) and aswell, enough space for your sound libraries
    3. 1 NVMe 256GB SSD or 1 SATA 256GB SSD and a 1TB HDD if you're fine with waiting couple seconds (if you're on a budget it's a good option, but for me, I consider that it's enough speed, like keeping your projects and DAW on ssd and sound libraries on HDD)

    And if you really need to use logic, but you don't have enough budget or you simply don't like macbooks, you can do a hackintosh (or add 1 ssd and make a dual boot, windows and mac)

    Hope that this comment will help someone!

    (I use Fl Studio 20 for beat making and Pro Tools to record and mix master songs)

  10. Thanks for this video,is really usefull,one question..all this laptop have got firewire conecttions? Thanks.

  11. What do you think about the msi prestige 15 for music production ?

  12. 2015 Mac Is The Best, Mac Ever, Great for Production and Video Editing

  13. Dear Sanjay. Thank you for this video. You are phenomenal. I am planning to go ahead with ASUS ROG Strix G G731GT. Will I be able to work on Cubase, Ableten, Reaper and Reason with this laptop? Thanks for all the help.

  14. Gotta say that your EQ on the vocals are different but sounds better than most others

  15. don't forget about AMD powered laptops – those are affordable and perform almost as good as Intel's. And with music production you don't really need lots of RAM, 8GB should be enough especially if you just getting started. You also dont need a 4k OLED display with 99% aRGB colour accuracy, some FHD IPS matrix will be a perfect one for you. You also don't need powerful GPU (graphics card), the one in Razer Blade is for pretty heavy gaming on high settings with lots of stuff to render, when all you need is a calculator kinda thing to produce music so any graphics card is fine for you.


  17. I have a MacBook Air , but don’t know how to make beats yet ?, wish me luck

  18. In Brazil we can't buy these laptops, is too expansive.


  20. I have all these perks but the 15 inch I have a 14 inch screen

  21. Glad I found this video I am a music producer for television.. My laptop stopped working outta nowhere about a week ago took it to a repair shop to see whats going on. My hard drive shutdown completely now I have loss all of my data and music smh so upset about because the data recovery place want way too much to recover the data for it. so basically I have to find a better laptop and start from scratch

  22. Have anyone tried dell xps 15 ON FL STUDIO or other DAW ?

  23. i use Chromebook

  24. Ugghh… I just want to load patches to a novation circuit. Maybe record. (possibly a maschine mk3) I don't need vsts or plug-ins or synths.

  25. which one should I buy? I'm trying to make nice euphoric heavy bass beats, I'd also like vocals to sound good.

  26. I was dancing to the beat in the background ??❤?

  27. No dell for audio production….crappy computers which are good enough for regular office work but not audio recording…….i would not risk in getting my perfect track destroyed by a crappy Dell….i know banks promote them…..but thats pretty much there space….even in Health Care more and more Apple computers can be seen bc the software companies now offer to write the same versions on the much more stable 
    Apple IOS

  28. How many of these will Bluetooth pair w/a Roli Seaboard?

  29. DONT BUY DELL, I RETURNED MINE, GREAT QUALITY MACHINE! BUT CANT HANDLE FL STUDIO! SOUND LAGGED WHEN PLAYING THE "DEMO SONG" FROM FL, now i just remeber that i dint have the power cable when i tried it

  30. Is a acre nitro 5 good for making beats and mixing?

  31. I use Macintosh 1983 still sharp!

  32. I’ve just bought a HP pavilion i5 processor will be using HDMI to use it also as a monitor, 8gb Ram and 512gb storage will this be ok? Any feedback appreciated

  33. Sir can i use second hand laptop, with configuration i7 4rth gen, 320gb hrd drive and 4gb ram… If i will install there ssd 500gb and additional ram, can i use it

  34. I just came here for the dark calm voice…

  35. you have an amazing voice to listen to..

  36. I use my iMac i got for free from a neighbor?

  37. I record and use studio one with a Asus vivo i7 Core processor and 8gb ram 1tb sdd

  38. You guys never talk about pc audiolabs lol they blow Mac and pc out of the water

  39. i5? Nah man Ryzen R5

  40. I am going to get a 2012 MacBook Pro i7 16gb ram 1tb ssd and run FL

  41. What about mini desktop computer for music production? Cause i prefer large monitor screen. I want to make music plus watch movies. Under 1000 budget for computer. And under 1000 for other accessories such as headphone and apps

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