Getting a great new laptop doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, some of the best laptops you can get are under $1000. Here are the top 5 best choices you can get in 2019.

#5 – Lenovo Thinkpad E580

#4 – Lenovo Yoga…

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  1. Is only SSD is enough for laptop? Then what about HDD!!!

  2. But which one should I get

  3. Brother I feel like at this price point in 2019 you should add some more laptop in your recommendation list.

  4. Bruh, can you follow your own title? U got things that are not laptops, not ultra books… smfh

  5. “Doesn’t compromise on performance for the price you’re paying”

    Sorry did you say i5 or i7?

    Oh i5? My last laptop was i5. Now it’s being replaced. Paying for that again sounds like a compromise to me.

  6. Hey that’s my name too!!!

  7. I'm not looking to buy a hand gun but a laptop – who cares how much it weighs. It will be on the desk ?

  8. why is the intro a bunch of HP laptops but non of them is in the actual video?

  9. XPS 13 as the number 1 pick ???

  10. Great review . . . l think. However, the speed and tone of the dialog was starting to give me a headache so l could't watch much. Shame!

  11. under 1000$ doesn't mean 999$ mam

  12. Lol what am I doing here I dont even have enough money for my rent

  13. I have the new Zenbook 13 UX333FN and it's even better than its older iteration which was featured in your video. XPS 13 has too many problems and the lowest config isn't even worth it.

  14. This guy goes through 10 accents every single word

  15. I currently use an iphone and i have airpods so im kind of in the apple ecosystem. I want to get a laptop and have been considering getting a macbook but i know apple is never on top when it comes to actual devices. I want to stay around $900-1000 so should i get a mac book or is there a better choice

  16. I plan to open an online store but I would like you guys to advise me cause I want to buy a laptop for than project and I dont know which one to buy, what criteria should it have ? A laptop of 500€ is it enough ? Or do I need a very powerful one like a 1500€ laptop or more ?
    Your light on that concern will be fully appreciated

  17. my budget is 1115 euros

  18. and everything ends with a question….

  19. Tf the dell xps 13 9380 is atleast 2400 euros where i live..

  20. Can u do a video like this for under $500 lord i need an inheritance just to have a good computer for school! Gheesh

  21. Great info if you can understand hyperspeak!

  22. Let’s face it. Dell, HP laptops are shit. Lenovo, Asus are good in specs and reliable too with not so much of a big price tag…they’ve just the right pricing.

  23. I don't know why every single youtuber is crooning over Dell's XPS line as if it were the very best of the best.

    I've had mine (XPS 13) for about 1.5 years when problems turned up. It kept crashing for no apparent reason ( I've never installed faulty software or anything potentially harmful) trust me.

    Had to get it repaired TWICE, still had the same issue after that. And now, after 3 months, I'm getting only half the money I paid for back because they don't want to replace it completely. Why? I don't know.
    Horrible Customer service.

    Shame on them. Dell lost me as a customer there.

    So my advice? DON'T listen to this guy and DO NOT buy a XPS. Not worth your hard earned money.


  25. Love the video. Finally someone I can listen to on normal speed and not 2x as fast! For everyone saying slow down, PLEASE don't! They can turn down the speed, I like it faster, more time to do things

  26. For us that we want to hear English well put the video in x0,75 speed!

  27. Any suggestion for a loptop under $1000 for architectural works like sketchup, AutoCAD and lumion.. think for the answer..

  28. Dont bother buying the surface pro 6, it doesn't have fans installed, and overheats in about 30 minutes of having 4 tabs open in chrome. It also only has one usb port, and the keyboard and touchscreen are the jankyest fucking things i have ever used

  29. All fun until your Lenovo Yoga touchscreen doesn't work anymore… ?

  30. Didn’t even mention the price of surface pro 6 in the video?

  31. My budget is $10

  32. What about the HP envy?

  33. hey slow down! you're giving me a headache!

  34. Ultra book is a sub category under laptops if you know. Your title is misleading

  35. Lenovo 730 has 2 thubderbolts 3..,…damn.nice

  36. If it's not a 3:2 or 4:3 screen, I'm not even interested.

  37. Well dammit it's in USD tho

  38. Advice: dont buy Dell laptops (including XPS ones) if you work with audio. Google dell xps 15 audio problems and you will see.

  39. You are losing me! Talk too fast and words muffled!

  40. Acer Predator Helios 300 $999 amazon

  41. starting price of Dell xps 13 is somewhere around $1300

    this guy is kidding ?

  42. You sound like Stewie from the Family guy

  43. Good information but you talk too fast. it isn't a race 🙂

  44. In India a few of them cost more than $1000

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