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These have to be the weirdest phones in the world.
Original weird phones video -…

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    Join the Club for only $5 –

  2. Marlboro phone what people takin pictures of UFOs with

  3. it says no sim card powering down

  4. where to buy plz plz

  5. Who would want a flip phone- even a Louis Vuitton one

    Nobody ever
    Me: MEEEEE

  6. You are a idiot I’m canceling my subscription

  7. imagine seeing someone with a cigarette phone though lol

  8. chinese mickey mouse killed me

  9. Did he drink before making that video?

  10. I would actually use the Louise vutton phone

  11. watching your videos like please god shut the fuck up

  12. KUK Basically means COCK in Norwegian!

  13. Come Malaysia, you will have the most chipest spike. It only cost 0.24 dollar

  14. Is anyone Chinese and understands everything

  15. You can bash someones head with the first phone shown in this vid???

  16. I want that Louis trapper ??

  17. It means Low power automatically shuts down. 3:06

  18. lol The fact that they designed the Marlboro phone with the top open, ruins the whole thing for me…

  19. i love these phones for some reason

  20. I kept hearing juul?

  21. it means low power automatic shut down

  22. My coke dealer had a LV burner phone ???

  23. I laughed so hard. I was having a great Sunday but you made it better with this vid

  24. 0:49 we found CJ's 60lb phone

  25. The KUK phone, in South Africa when we speak afrikaans, KUK would announced as "KAK" meaning…SHIT in English ??

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