The new Apple Watch Series 4 was recently released and we got the best apple watch 4 accessories here to review for you.

In this video I review the top 5 must have accessories from amazon available for under $20 for your Apple Watch Series 4 as well as previous apple watch series models as well.

6 Pack Screen Protector –
3 in 1 Watch/iPhone/AirPod Stand –
BOONIX Display Case –
Band Travel Case -…

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  1. Get the Apple Watch Series 4 –

  2. Duhhh, for the screen protector the fluid is for installation of the screen protector. Know your products before talking about them

  3. That’s juice isn’t to clean the screen with the skinomi lol it’s for a wet apply to adjust the screen and apply it on correctly ?

  4. Closed after first product. No one needs a screen protector for a watch.

  5. Are these safe for our apple watch

  6. How knows a good milanese loop for my series 5 gold aluminium for less than 20€/$?

  7. I really want this Apple Watch for my birthday present on 15th oct ????

  8. Nice! I purchased by bands from under $14.99 !

  9. I can’t find that bronze Milanese band anywhere your link doesn’t work

  10. Hi, how You able to use Whatsapp Messenger on Your Watch? Thanks for reply

  11. Hey man I can’t find that rubber magnetic band

  12. Ok so i need help , shluld i buy the apple watvh series 2 stainles steel like brand new for $180 or the apple watch series 3 gpa and cellular but its aluminum:( but this one is 200 dollars

  13. Bro top 5 ? buys 2 of them showed bands and 2 were holders it it shoulda been top 3 . Bands / charger stands and band holders . Coulda saved 3 min for another video

  14. I hate amazon like nothing ship to saudi arabia, Why?!?

  15. You look like Luis Fonsi ???

  16. Wouldn't u use the sport band when your exercising lol

  17. I, unfortunately, just looked at the description for the accessories instead of watching the actual video because the sound of a Blue Yet is just….too much. They pick up WAYYYY too much background noise 🙁

  18. What’s the color selection for that last leather band. I saw a lot similar color on website

  19. These aren’t tips or any advice. This is just 10 minutes of you showing off and bragging.

  20. Maybe you should use water lock when assembling the screen protector haha

  21. Rubber leather band isn’t available anymore

  22. the amazon classic leather band is different than the video one!!!

  23. I agree with the suggestions on using a mic. Even the cheapest mic attached to your phone would make a world of difference. especially when you are filming the parts of you from across the desk or whatever. Also, you are filming very close up to your hands. please please please get a manicure. i'm sure it can be a tax deductible expense considering your line of work.

  24. LOVING THE APPLE GEAR and lUMIY iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone XS

  25. Bro, love your vidz but your volume sucks ….please look into it

  26. Gotta hit that 10minute mark…

  27. hy,screen protctor are waterproof?

  28. Thanks much for the suggesitons!

  29. Do you have a link to the rubber leather bands? The link you provided unfortunately no longer works

  30. I came for the Apple Watch not accessories for the bands. ?

  31. Awesome video man with the screen protector the fluid is not for cleaning it’s for wet application you spray while peeling it off and then you lay it on screen then your able to move it around on the screen to align it perfectly

  32. Is that the 44mm ? If so it makes me feel so much better about getting the 40mm cause that looks like a tv screen on your wrist ??.

  33. U avoid the glare for the screen protector

  34. Bruh that charging stand looks like something you would see in a nursing home???

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