Top 8 Mi Band 4 Tips & Tricks to Make the Most of it. The Mi Band 4 is a nifty little device that can be used in multiple numbers of scenarios.

In this video, we will take you through the various cool tricks that we have discovered while using the Mi Band 4. These tips and tricks will surely help you to enhance the way you use your Mi Band and hopefully, by watching this video, you can help other fellow users as well.

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  1. birdy birdy nam nam

  2. what is this accent lol


  4. how to get ur watch face?im on ios and using mi band 4

  5. Why are all mi band videos made from Indians? This band is not from india anyways

  6. Sir Aapke jesa wach face nai AA Raha usko kese laye?

  7. F U this is not tricks this is pretty much what it does Jesus, waste of time

  8. i got it today and i already know all of them!

  9. lol indian englishsishsishsi….. ahahahah

  10. can we connect mi band 4 on ios pls tell me

  11. Oooo thanks your password ?

  12. I have three great bands
    1. honor band 5
    2.mi band 4
    3. Samsung Galaxy fit

  13. they all are basic features of the miband, not tips and tricks

  14. Trend mill running calibration is crap.

  15. Dude please reply i dont find ur wathface ilike ur watch face but cant find it please repl

  16. I have a Emali problem please tell me

  17. Who come this video whaen pubg icon is there

  18. Nice, helpful and informative

  19. Telephone galaxy a10

  20. please! from where can i get that watch face. the yellow one

  21. who doesnt have a mi band 4 but watches these anyway

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