?9/ Fitbit Charge HR
?Amazon :
?DX :
?Target :

?8/ Fitbit Zip
?Amazon :

?7/ Fitbit Alta
?Amazon :
?DX :
?Target :

?6/ Fitbit Ionic
?Amazon :
?Target :

?5/ Fitbit Flex 2
?Amazon :
?DX :…

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  1. I have all of these fitbits

  2. Awesome Video Love Watching Your Channel Post

    More videos????????✌?

  3. It would’ve been nice if you put them in the order that they came out

  4. I have an Alta and charge 2

  5. Fitbit Logic: The only 2 models in the video are always boyfriend & girlfriend.

  6. these devices are marketed more for women than men im ditching mine and getting a different brand..ive previously bought surges x 3…but if they cant cater for men equally then can shove it

  7. who wears such a device to sleep ?

  8. I got Flex 2. I'm happy its 5th because my friend says its the worst one.

  9. Expected a review, not the advertisements

  10. I like my charge 2 but I think the most expensive Fitbit should get more attention

  11. I think ionic is the best I don’t know HOW u think it is 6th
    U put flex 2 as 5th even though ionic does more and stuff and u can even READ the screen
    Honestly u need to do it a bit bette next time
    No hate but I really didn’t find this useful

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