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Gannon Stauch went missing in January of 2020 – last seen climbing into a truck with his step-mother. In this live chat… does that house look familiar? What are the signs that we get when things are meant to be? How can we discover what is really happening behind what we are shown and allowed to see in the media. Join us for a lively FUN chat and interactive fast paced talk!

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  1. Landen looks as if she may had a relapse. Her face had a bad sore on it today in Court.

  2. You hit it right on the nose. From what I’ve heard Tee (Stepmom) was friends with Landen. She stole Al from Landen. Gannon did want his parents back together. That woman (Tee) is pure evil. First she steals her friend’s husband then she kills her son. Horrible!

  3. Denver Airport…I think it starts there.

  4. Hi Tori. I’m new just now. I like your lives. Your ideas are interesting.?

  5. When fathers have custody why is it so odd for everyone?

  6. Your dog is gorgeous! Bless him!

  7. were u aware that the bio mom made a statement on the news saying "you got your wish gannon. Your dad and i are standing here together"

  8. i was just talking about all the strange similarities with this and the watts case. its just beyond strange to me as well.

  9. Pretty much all neighborhoods in the CO front range look like that. Also, the Watt’s house has a 3 car garage & is a way bigger model than the Stauch’s. The elevation and brick front on both houses is very commonly used along the Colorado front range . Good chance it’s the same builder.

  10. I'll definitely be checking out the other channel, because I LOVE this one so much! You're SO insightful, I can honestly say that I wish I had a friend like you, you are FABULOUS!!!!

  11. I love see no evil, too!!!♥️ ID addict here.

  12. I just saw on another Channel, that "Lie Teesha"worked at the Giant Crab Restaurant in Myrtle Beach where the Watts family took a picture on their vacation!

  13. Hi Tori. Long time no comment. When I saw the truck backing into the driveway, it made me think of the watts case too. What is the deal with these tragedy houses with the three peak rooflines? Like the Ramsey house (*also in CO) with the different leveled roof peaks forming three sevens. It is bizarre. Remember Poltergeist was based on a neighborhood that was built on indian burial ground.
    I have felt since I was very young that this country REALLY needs to acknowledge and start healing the original wound of the way indigenous people were and are still being treated to this day by our government. I still have hope that the couple centuries of indoctrination can be reversed if enough of us stop allowing it to be perpetuated. I feel the curse can be lifted when enough people soften their hearts, thus strengthening the collective character of a lost nation with no true identity. Think about it. The destruction of a nation that existed for thousands of years before the colonists, has a ripple effect through time and is building your house on a bad foundation. That shit needs to be dealt with! What we have are the lingering horrors inflicted on us from within. We will do to ourselves that which has been done to us. You started to hit on this at 1:22:00. Escapism is the big problem with society as a whole. When we begin to ask ourselves what we are attempting to escape from, is when minds and hearts can open and change for the better. Society is mirroring past transgressions. The way out is not around but through. People gotta stop avoiding issues and instead get to the root in order to restore balance in all aspects of life. The middle way is the only way. ~

  14. I'm confused you dont understand why his biological parents are in a news conference together??? Probably because Gannon was both of their child. Landon didn't have her kids because she has a really bad medical condition and wasn't able to care for them so they were with their father what's the problem that is their dad….. why is everyone being so judgemental towards his parents????

  15. All the houses and subdivisions in Colorado look the same. Especially being from New England. I lived outside Denver briefly in the 90's. It's a strange place.

  16. I thought the house was a cheaper version of rue watts. Seemingly they had joint custody. The stepmom moved out by her own accord that came from a neighbour

  17. Watts house was huge, two story. and garage on other side. Many places are built on Indian burial grounds And so many people are not natives of Colorado. We have become over populated with transplants and do not respect our state

  18. Also, to comment on why Gannon was with his Father rather that his Mother. It could be because during a divorce, family court laws in Colorado will always rule in favor of the parent that remains in the state when it comes down to a parent relocating.. I verified this after listening to that lawyer mention it that Shanann Watts spoke to at that hibachi restaurant. Gannons Mom probably just couldn’t afford to live on her own as a single parent in Colorado. It doesn’t have to be that she did anything wrong. I kind of went through a similar situation when I split with my ex and wanted to move back to NY closer to my family support system.

  19. I think the walls absorb the negative energy as well.

  20. Have you seen where 2 or 3 days before Gannon's disappearance she was at orientation for the school district. They did a background check and saw some of the crap she was involved with in S. Carolina. That might have been a trigger for some big time anger.

  21. Oh man, in my bio family, we were all born in Oct, Nov or Dec, except…..for the third child, born in Feb. She died at 21 days old, SIDS. Named after my cousin who died about 3 years earlier in a horrible train wreck with her parents and two other relatives. I just can't figure the connection. But yeah, we don't name babies after dead relatives in my family.

  22. The bio parents split up because of Tecia. There was an affair. Tecia was quite a manipulator/orchestrator. The Stauch house was a rental. Wonder about previous tenants???

  23. It’s all of Colorado TBH. I’m an empath and I went to Colorado for my nieces graduation a few months before the Watts case.. Anyway, That place has such a negative energy. Everywhere I went from the second I got off the plane, I was anxious and extremely uncomfortable. And no matter how nice ppl were, I had non stop chills up my back as if I was in a place that I wasn’t wanted and didn’t belong and had to leave immediately. Kind of like the feeling you get when you are around someone that’s not safe and doesn’t have good intentions. I actually made an excuse and left after my second day…
    apologies for the weird comment. I just didn’t know how else to describe it. TBH I’d never go back there again.

  24. And she still hadn’t told anyone where he is. The least she could do is to give him back to HIS family. Even in death she is still abusing him, punishing the family and disrespecting everyone.

  25. Google missing kids in Colorado. The Denver, Colorado Springs are have so many. Now the teens may have run away, but 10 and 11 year old kids for the most part, are completely dependent on others. Praying for a complete resolution.

  26. Did y’all hear that while being transported back to Colorado (I didn’t even know that she’d fled the State) she slipped out of her hand cuffs, ATTACKED THE GUARD and tried to escape! She had to be taken into custody and jail before continuing on. Can you imagine if she’d escaped??

  27. I knew we had a problem with this Step Mom on day one and I imagine the cops did too. Right off the bat, the Dad just sat there destroyed and the Step Mom went on and on about how dare people suspect her, that they were going to all owe her an apology. She fought with people on social media, defending herself and trashing everyone else.. talking about Gannon in the past tense. I’d have to be sedated. She was constantly blah blah blah, me. me, me and I thought: Oh my gosh, she killed that dear boy.

  28. NO! I don’t know why you think these houses are the same at all! They are so different. Watts home is a VERY upscale two story in the pristine community of Fredrick, Gannon’s home… not so much. Lower quality build one story in the messy, increasingly crime ridden Colorado Springs.I live in a village about an hour West of Fredrick. Theses houses, the communities, the neighborhoods and the towns couldn’t possibly be more different!

  29. Sometimes the father gets custody and if you think about it with a sociopathic manipulator by his side I’m sure she helped with lies etc. The mother does look a bit a rough but maybe it’s because her child was missing and hadn’t slept in weeks. That woman Tee is responsible I don’t think it’s anyone else’s fault. Like it was Chris watts all him. Others like NK obviously played a part. Guess it’s just the perfect storm for disaster

  30. I thought the same seeing how alike the 2 homes were….glad it wasn't just me.

  31. Bad people are moving to Colorado that's what happening in Colorado .

  32. Your are sucha a beautiful and lovely person! So happy I found your channel! Much love to you! Thanks for a awesome video! ????

  33. I have weird vibe from Dad don’t know why.

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