My sister said that her 10yr old laptop isn’t working and asked if I could fix it… can I? Watch and find out. But probably not.

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  1. pssst: I have a circa 1984 compaq 386sx16 which needs some TLC

    Rule 1 for laptop problems – take drive out and put it in something else (preferably linux) to recover data – if you can.
    AFTER that, see whether the rest is worth salvaging.

    But seriously, after you've recovered/imaged the drive, why bother?
    Just reinstall the box using a nice shiny SSD (and a ram upgrade if possible) and give the rest of her stuff on DVD/Bluray/whatever.

    NEVER put a spinner in a system you give back to someone (ESPECIALLY FAMILY!!!). They'll only drop it and blame you when it doesn't work anymore

  2. Dying HDDs are the worst thing, i had a late 2013 imac with all my families photos on a 1tb wd blue and it died we sent it to data recovery alongside a 2tb hdd i had recently aquirred for my gaming rig for them to transfer the stuff onto, what they actually did was drop and scrape up all my 2tb hdd which was like £150 at the time as i recall in the process breaking it, then they reinstalled a cheap wd green 1tb hdd back in and recovered barely any data and left all the data they did recover in loads of unorganised folders. 1.5 years later that HDD also started to die luckily we took a back up, back ups are great don't forget them, you won't regret it.

  3. well look at the bright side your brother-in-law will not have to kill you now, after seeing the high-security pics. lol lol

  4. Run a recovery program.. it’s easy to get pics. Videos no as much. But many programs and some free.. suprised u give up so easy

  5. This is a job for SpinRite.

  6. At the hard drive removal bit, I did the same exact thing with my father-in-law's PS2 lol

  7. Can't someone just boot linux from a flashdrive, mount the hard drive, and copy the files you need?

  8. Please read this it will help you.
    Why the accessing the other hard drive are so long to load. The other hard drive is from other computer That's mean it's have other user. Use takeownership to load it fast. This is not failed test other hard drive from other computer. i know there's os on it do not boot there. Boot on sata cable. And download the takeownership. It would load fast.

  9. lol my m6400 does that 🙂 love it

  10. every important folder gets backed up on google drive, so worth it to sleep at night knowing if the pc craps out anytime it's all good, just replace the part, zero data loss 😀

  11. in the description he said he was recovering the laptop for his sister , and in the video he said it was for his brother i am not sure which one is true

  12. Just buy him a new one you fucking asshole. Reminds me of my brother. Always cheaping out on shit thinking i wont notice. So i gave him a lust of what NOT to give give me, as it was trash and i wont use it. He proceeds to blatantly give me shit at every oportunity, birthdays etc… Because it is socially mandatory to give shit at regular intervals. he is now banished from my house and i never spoke to him again.

  13. So you didn't give your sister a "happy ending"? ?


  14. I also installed it with a hard drive


  15. I had good luck getting data off of old IDE drives that were junk. Put them in the freezer for a while. Take it out and plug it in cold. Would usually work long enough to get important stuff backed up.

  16. can i win th giveaway plz?

  17. 2.3million views.

    We got misers on here… lol

  18. This mans video image made me laugh so hard for using that meme ???

  19. Jay that's nothing. Get on my level I'm still running an Intel Atom N470.

  20. I've was also asked to save files off an old laptop without having to resort to the recovery/format route. The best option was booting from a Linux boot drive from either USB stick or external USB DVD. But before I learned about that from the internet, I spent 5 hours trying the HDD diagnostic route. Absolute pain.

  21. I have a dell inspiron n5110 which has a gpu problem it overheats the load goes to 100 what should i do.

  22. I have an hp pavilion dv5 that my mother got in 2008, a year ago it broke down and I can't turn it on. All the old photos and memories of my families were stored there. Any tips? I tried bringing it to a computer store that also fixes broken stuff, but they can't do anything.

  23. omg what a crack up!

  24. Do yourself a favor. Always pay for the happy ending.

  25. Uuh you should put a SSD instead of a hard drive to avoid the risk for it to crash on a skock

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