The portability of a laptop is something that everyone has a use for. I mean, how else will you finish some work while glancing at social media every 5 minutes? Your phone isn’t gonna cut it. But there are times, where you’re at a desk, getting down for business, to get things done. And you think to yourself, I really miss having multiple monitors at home to spread out my work, and I’m tired of TAB-ALT or CMD-TAB. Well there’s a couple of options to fix that, but turning your iPad…

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  1. Does the ipad charge?

  2. I almost never comment but dude your video is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Keep up the good work!

  3. I just bought this i hate it it wont connect just says to connect

  4. Actual performance tests would have been better than a lot of talk and failed attempts at humor.

  5. Hey I'm just using and i really liked it! Thanks for the video, it helped me 😉

  6. I like the idea of the app. It works great as an alternative to sidecar for unsupported devices. My only issue is battery life. The battery drops fast as the mac charges the ipad. When plugged in, macbook air can become quite warm with all the extra multitasking.

  7. This dude reminds me of Eddie from 'Fresh Off the Boat'. Great vid!

  8. When you get an ad for Duet Display Before This Video…

  9. its usless now for mac users

  10. I have the iPad Air and the 4th generation. I have a Mac air and both work perfectly. sometimes I turn my Mac screen off and just use the Retina display on the iPad

  11. Can i draw on the ipad and it then show up on my PC? let's say i was doing a screen share with a client and I want to do a live drawing of the idea im trying to get across. is that possible?

  12. It's for apple. Your metadata they'll sell to advertisers isn't enough, of course they're going to hit you for another $15.

  13. In your video you had a laptop connect to an Ipad and use it as a dual display. But can you use the Ipad and connect Ipad to an external monitor and use that as a dual display? If you can how do I do this?

  14. I thought it was wireless

  15. Loved your vid! I just have on question. I have searched all over the internet and can't seem to find an answer…Is there anyway to use a second display for the ipad not the computer. What i mean is If i have a monitor and get it connected to my ipad, is there anyway to have the monitor as an extended display and not just a mirrored connection so that i can have another app open on the monitor while i work on my ipad

  16. Waste of money. I asked for a refund at the same moment. I got a lime bar over half of my tablet screen. It didn't respond to any configuration and sometimes it was totally black. Instead of using workarounds, I will go for the Asus ZenScreen. It's worth in terms of portable display.

    My set is a MacBook Pro 15" 2019 and a Huawei MediaPad with the latest Android version.

  17. To connect it to a Windows laptop, does the laptop need to have iTunes installed (drivers for the iPad)?

  18. I bought it for $49….

  19. Lol he said 15$ but I just bought it for that price

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