On The New Screen Savers, Jason Howell and Megan Morrone debate which is the best smart watch, the Apple Watch or Android Wear?

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  1. The fossil watch also last for the whole day. I have one and mines battery life is amazing. You guys shouldn't discourage people with wronge information.

  2. Isn't that soccer?

  3. You owe me 7 minutes

  4. I wanted an in-depth look into both of these platforms, not a high school debate.

  5. These videos are so inept. There is literally NO valid reason to use Android wear or even Android over iOS. Unless you like inferior hardware and software…..with less security….that is slower and more buggy…..Also Android Wear has been discontinued and end of lifed.

  6. Seriously… I couldn't go over the first one minute an a half of this!…

  7. Round 2… Samsung watch vs Apple watch

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