The Librem from Purism is a premium laptop with several security focused features. Features include hardware switches for microphone, camera and communications.

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  1. What does your laptop/smartphone know about you?

  2. When you think of all these retards using IOS… damned useless indigents.

  3. did he have wife??? is he married?

  4. When a tech guy has not even seen linux in his life, it's safe to say he disqualifies as being a tech guy.

  5. It's very laptop e.

  6. That hardware looks promising.

  7. And on today’s episode of unbox therapy – he learns what Linux is

  8. I don't understand how this guy has 16 million subscribers..u click bait…it is just linux…snowden didnr say anything about liking this laptop

  9. The phone is better, and it can be used as a laptop. Surprised I am just now seeing a video on these products, I have been watching them since the beginning…awesome products, but too pricey.

  10. The camera is there, because it can't see your keyboard(typing passwords or anything private), but still can see your face… Nicely done 🙂

  11. My Dell latitude e6410 has a killswitch for wifi and data too so thats nothing new…

  12. Future Video of Unbox Therapy after they discovered that Linux exists: „This is why I‘m quitting Windows“

  13. Says it’s safe.. ships with an Intel processor…. irony

  14. "It's very laptopie"

  15. Has a camera…..Edward Snowden would not approve! The switch is just an airplane mode, not innovative at all. Such a clickbait video.

  16. I remember when they had those switches on dell laptops in early 2000s now they 'features"

  17. 5:21 No. uBlock Origin makes things faster because it blocks trackers and ads. Without them the sites load faster

  18. Am I the only one who is just not impressed at all 😀

  19. So many neckbeardy comments

  20. Pretty sure Snowden built his own laptop after spending almost 15 years on the run lol

  21. Trash ass laptop for click bait bro just do real content none of this corny brand that paid you to promote this product

  22. Whats the Track ID of the first song at the beginning of the video? Thanks

  23. Snowden said nothing about this laptop. He just used his name for clicks. Shame on me for falling for it.

  24. if i were snowden id go for a libreboot x60 and all foss linux shit, all new intel chips have the managment engine and you cant know whats running there

  25. If it has intel inside that is not hack proof 😉 I am sure

  26. Funny thing – most of the security and encryption software on the laptop(and phone) are made/written in China, which isn't exactly known as the home of privacy.

  27. This is what I need. This should be basic for everyone.

  28. no branding outside, nice

  29. WTF he's using linux!

  30. You made a joke out of this entire video and its cringeworthy to watch.

  31. Es favorito de Edwardo? El click baito

  32. The laptop is actually designed and manufactured by the CIA and sends all your data to them

  33. You can also use "Brave" browser that does a lot of this for internet browsing

  34. It's very laptopy

  35. Disappointed. just Linux

  36. What is the purpose of the "simpliest" style of your…..
    Lack of budget? So boring

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