We unbox and provide a brief initial review on the mint-green color of the iPhone 11. We talk about the price, the feel of the look and color, as well as the display (liquid retina). You’ll notice its very similar to the XR – and honestly that makes sense – the XR was a very strong model. You also get a standard charger, unlike the more quality charger you get with the Pro. Disappointing to see that the adapter for headphones was sold separately, and that there’s no usb-c port this year, but…

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  1. Horrible video quality. Did you use a 0.3mpx camera from some old 2006 Sony Ericsson phones ? You guys are a bunch of incompetent amateurs.

  2. So stupid so how can I use my headphones and charging the same time. Or they did this so they can get more money

  3. Why isn’t there 3 cameras ? Is this a fake iPhone

  4. Do it with all of them

  5. Not trying to be funny, but what is the difference between the Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, and the Iphone 11 pro max??

  6. Got the iPhone 11 128Gb (Red) with the Apple Clear Case too. After a week of use I love it!!

  7. I’m telling the purple for my b-day

  8. اح بتاعى واجعنى

  9. 1080p for cnet?

  10. My white arrives tomorrow but I’m regretting not getting the green. The green looks craaaaaazy ??

  11. How much is the clear case ?

  12. I hate this guy ?‍♂️

  13. I Love that color, it’s beautiful! I ordered the iPhone 11 in Purple. I have a dumb question. Why would you need a SIM card on this phone ? I don’t even understand what a SIM card is? Don’t hate on me I am NOT tech savvy, obviously. Thanks for a good review.

  14. A $700 phone but you don't get fast charger really APPLE ?

  15. Would have preferred same starting price as last year and 18w in box lol Granted with the savings you can just buy one…ok ok

  16. So we dont got to waste money on case shipping since i get anoyed simce i have no case on my phone and i feel like imma drop it if im clumbsy ?

  17. its annoying cause you cant charge it while using earphones, they probably did that so people will bye airpods. I think apple is just getting worse.

  18. Ahhhh I hate when people pop those kinds of cases on with buttons going in last! Ellck!

  19. Hellooo sir iphone 11 Price in USA

  20. here is cost cutting done by apple to save money , apple removed the headphone jack then they removed the nice plastic box in which they gave the headphones ,then they removed the free lightning to headphone cable which was in the box , then removed the home button, then they removed some screws , then they removed the 3rd touch , now they removed the peeling plastic on the backside …. this is all done to save money ….apple truly is the biggest penny pincher company on earth they royally screw their customers

  21. Did you know that it only actually takes like 15$ to make a phoy

  22. We want see pubg mobile on iphone 11

  23. Why iphone still not support 5G?

  24. No emotion shown and wrong filter for video

  25. I’m honestly just getting it for the longevity I’m coming from a 7 and was planning on the XR but I realized it’d probably be better to get the newest since it’s just a little more expensive and will last longer but besides that it’s so ugly ?

  26. ?????????you need a little more energy. ???

  27. My product Red arrives tomorrow ???

  28. Such terrible production on this review. Even if it's not a crazy upgrade, there are YouTubers out there that are light years ahead on their reviews. Their production, lighting, camera quality and shots, even the way they unbox the items.

    Get a new reviewer before you lose all your subscribers.

  29. What do you think of included 5V 1A charger?

  30. “IPhone 10R2” “slipcover”.? Who is this guy

  31. Not going to lie I feel happy with my iPhone XR white ❌?

  32. This is 1 of the most stupid review videos of all times plus this guy talks like if he's tired what a dumb video,but the way who is this guy I hate his face

  33. خوش مبايل هذة بيش حتى شتري مبين اصلي

  34. Pre ordered the iPhone 11!!!!!

  35. Hope it doesn't break ?

  36. you have got to be kidding the iPhone 11 as expensive as it is and still does not get BUDS for earphones???? I just ordered this one and I thought it came with the buds… Apple you suck!! lol

  37. Will the box include the lighning earphones ?

  38. Love that you said slo- mo selfies instead of “slofies” god that phrase is gonna burn my ears by the end of the year

  39. Is it me or the color in the video is kind of off

  40. Can you give me your I phone 11

  41. I’m not trying to be rude. You need a script. Your review skill is horrible. If it’s ad hoc, you may get away a little, but if this is scripted, let someone else do it

  42. Last year everybody was bagging the iPhone XR, This year people are accepting its averageness or making excuses for it…………….go figure.

  43. I've already decided to buy an iPhone 11 256GB with a Clear Case because I was sold on OTHER channels and their reviewers. If this was the first video I came across, you would not have sold me on anything. This was a bore to watch. You look tired and your presentation has little to no effort and enthusiasm. Great video to watch before I sleep or to help people whom suffer from insomnia.

  44. U said it’s green but um confused is it green or White?

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