Today we have for you our unboxing of the OnePlus 7T reviewers’ box with the new Bullets Wireless. We also walk through the new features of the 7T, from the triple cameras to the accessories (cases!)

Hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. Wr to buy this big full kit box …?

  2. Does all that come with the purchase of the phone?
    Should I cancel my order for a case from Amazon?

  3. Important for anyone looking at this, you DON'T get the headphones with it anymore which I know some people might be wondering about (they're £99 separately). I just had this chat with them and also it's not longer on the "What's in the box" section on their website.

    Stuart Robinson
    You are right we did give away headphones

    The 90's Rulez
    Oh that's good then cause for the price it would be pretty bad if you didn't give headphones with it

    Stuart Robinson
    It was a offer on holiday season

    Stuart Robinson
    Now the offer has expired

    The 90's Rulez
    Oh that's bad, no worries, thank you!

  4. Hey man 6 min ur showing only Cover nd readng subject ????????????

  5. Is there an ldac or wireless charging on any of the one plus devices?

  6. Do they also give earphones

  7. That olive green looks disgusting to be really honest. Poor choice of colour there. Red would be nice.

  8. Why does the 7T come after the 7pro?

  9. I had to cover the ears of my 6T while viewing!

  10. OnePlus is by far! If not the best smartphone company out there! You can buy a flag ship smartphone at a mid range price with top specs I applaud OnePlus for thinking out of the box!

  11. What is that MASSIVE camera hump going to do with case protection? It's surely got to reduce the shock protection a case can provide?
    Is there going to be a Pro version or have they just merged the technology of the 7 and 7 Pro to make this "new" hybrid?

  12. Is this the standard package or reviewers package?

  13. Is there anything new rather than new colour in it?? Wireless 2

  14. why didnt you try charging?

  15. tk please stop showing your stupid ugly face

  16. No wireless charging? Pathetic…

  17. I am so jealous of you now TK

  18. Can you please share 7t wallpapers live walls also for 7/7pro !

  19. Great video man! Thanks for share! At least in the papers the 7T seems to be better in cameras. Anyone knows what the diference with the 7T pro?

  20. Watching your video first out of the masses. Love your content man!

  21. So the 7T Pro is not coming to the states?

  22. I knew why I didn't buy the 7 Pro months back.

  23. Please do compare with Rog 2

  24. You are the best????????

  25. Google Pixel 4 beta

  26. Amazing, as always!⚡️

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