I finally got around to putting the UnityFitbit class online. You can find it (and possibly help make it even better) on Github

You can also find a video on how to use it here:


A tutorial video on how to get OAuth 2 without the use of a Webview working in Unity for Fitbit …on Android 😛


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  1. Hey, I am trying to do something similar with the Google FIT not the fit bit. I implemented it in the similar fashion as yours and Ofer Reichman but redirecting to my unity app isn't working at all. It does open up the correct url, but after signing the consent it does not redirect to the unity app. Do you have an idea what could be the issue? Do I need to append "://TheCallback" with the custom scheme as well? Or is it Fit bit's requirement? Haven't seen anything like that for GOOGLE FIT in the google provided documentation.

  2. hi have you done for microsoft azure ad before?

  3. My Unity folder is in Program Files, no x86… and there is no bin directory in my androidplayer directory… any idea where I went wrong?

  4. Hi, I read on your README that if it's a desktop app there is no way to automatically grab the return code from the browser… any chance this is not the case any more and you figured out a way to do this programatically? Thanks

  5. Hey ! Is it possible to make this for iOS also ? And why not WebGL ? And every other platform needed ? I'm curious about this, and I need to make this on (at least) Android, iOS and WebGL.
    Thank you for your video !

  6. Holy crap – exactly what I was looking for!!

  7. Hey, I really liked your video. Have you posted the code for FitBitAPI.cs anywhere? I'm trying to do the same thing but Im getting tripped up on that part trying to probably recreate what you've done. Thanks.

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