Name: UnrestrictPremium
Description: Watch AirPlay and HDMI restricted video on the big screen, like HBOGO, Amazon Instant Video, MAXGO, and DirectTV.
Price: $2.99
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: John Coates

~Gear I use~
Camera I use:
New favorite lens for it:
Other great lens:
^But you need this adapter:
BEST affordable lens:
Microphone I…

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  1. is this app still available? if so, where do i find it?!

  2. Will this ap work with the xfinity ap so I can watch live tv on my projector?

  3. What's the tweak for 2018 can u help me ?

  4. This app kill ms cydia, i have to update my ios …. πŸ™

  5. Can you use this for apps like nba game time and is it available for ios 7 jailbreak??? Thanks again great video

  6. This app does work I watch all premium apps with it via hdmi out to to tv and it unrestricts Hbo go , show anytime ect on my a4 device , does any one no how to enable airplay on a A4 device ?? But great app

  7. Does this work on sky go and sky movies on the ipad?


  9. Just tried this tweak; IT FREAKING DOESN'T WORKED!!! I'm pissed because it's not just $2.99 wasted, but the fact I still cannot mirror Amazon Instant Video via HDMI to my TV!!! If anyone knows a fix, please share now!

  10. Does This display full 16:9 hd video through AirPlay mirroring ? Looks like its in 4:3 aspect ratio

  11. nice, but i don't need it πŸ™‚

  12. Is there any way to do airplay mirroring(w/o the use of hdmi cable) on Windows??

  13. There is a reason why this is disabled. The again, there is a reason why I jailbreak.

  14. Hey , i'm new to this kind of thing . But can i watch ipad videos thru hdmi tv not apple tv . And if can , can someone teach me how and what equipment do i need ? Thanks .

  15. I bought an apple tv yesterday and i totally love it. In the past i was confused and disappointed by the features but airplay is so cool and handy i just love it.

  16. Jeff, what kind of display was that? Those blacks looks really black.

  17. ohh, i never knew that, ive been using DisplayOut all this time too. Shouldve of checked πŸ˜€

  18. DisplayOut also overrides the restriction so makes the modification unnecessary πŸ™‚

  19. YES! Hardly anyone seems to know about it, use a mod called DisplayOut which allows you to completely customize the output to full screen in any app over video out or airplay πŸ™‚ It also does what this mod does!

  20. what if you used Display Out to adjust the size of the iPad output along with this tweak?? Good combo perhaps?

  21. can sb test with sky go?

  22. jeff torture people on his basement o.o

  23. Hi jeff, would you happen to know if this will work with Good Player app?

  24. looks way better on the iPad then the monitor

  25. Just download the movie and watch it on the big screen!!

  26. Is that a new iPad case

  27. Great this is why I haven't bhought an itv yet

  28. why would you even need that? you can change your TV settings to stretch, that way it'll eliminate the black bars πŸ˜‰

  29. the one reason I still love the iPhone is the ability to jailbreak and the hacking community it has already built up. sure, some phone are better than the iPhone STOCK, but not a single phone in the world can compete with a jailbroken iPhone.

  30. you can change the aspect ratio on your tv and make it fit

  31. i think nothing..

  32. What would we do without Jailbreak? πŸ˜€

  33. Jeff, it looks like there are black bars along the side while watching the video… Is there a way to fool it so it outputs in 16:9?

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