Best Laptop to buy in 2020
Amazing Laptops were launched and announced at IFA 2019 , Many of the laptops are coming with 10th generation processors and exciting unique features

1. Asus ProArt StudioBook series
2. Acer ProjectD 9
3. Lenovo C940
4. Razr Blade Stealth 13 Upgraded
5. Dell XPS 13 Upgraded

Lenovo X1 Carbon

Lenovo X1 Extreme
International/USA :

Lenovo X1…

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  1. India stop learning english, YOU CAN'T EVEN PRONOUNCE RIGHT!!!!!!!

  2. Dell's laptop keyboard is very uncomfortable

  3. Asus is terrible. Stay away, far away. Unless they offer you a slurpee with that

  4. English is difficult to understand sorry.

  5. Next time keep talking in your native language and don't even try to speak english

  6. all these laptops are 8th Gen, while the video description is 10th GEN
    FUck youuuuuu bitch

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