Get your #MiBand4:
Download International Firmware for Mi Band 4 from: (Firmware source:

Attention: The firmware works for both Global and Chinese versions of Mi Band 4! It supports: Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, German, French and Italian.

Installing firmware updates is always done at your own risk!

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  1. there is no option the language change..

  2. Russia sucks

  3. Ok, it doesn't work for brazilians. If you're brazilian you just have to change the language of your phone to English or install the app "Mi bandage". Ok, now, how to turn off "alipay"? Or just take out of the right side of the screen of my band?

  4. The hardware specs are different for both versions

  5. How to remove alipay from the band

  6. Work in Indonesia league?

  7. Hello I can see multiple SKU. CN for Chinese, GL for global but I got a PO which is close to global. DO you have any information about this PO version?

  8. The application cannot be connected Please Help

  9. Bullshit …. Its NOT working …

  10. Don't waste your time, it is not working. The app does not sign in with your account.

  11. How i can remove Alipay screen from my mi band 4 CN ?

  12. Pros Brasileiros:
    Não funciona, a pulseira continua em chinês usando o celular em português.
    Para que fique em inglês, é necessário mudar o idioma do aparelho.

  13. Seems to work only as long you are using this App Version. If you deinstall the app and install the official one from the playstore, you will get back to CN Version. So not really what I was looking for,

  14. How About Indonesian Language? Work?

  15. Thank you. English language worked very well.

    Portuguese language doesn't.

  16. Until someone crack the firmware, this doesn't mean anything. Your title is wrong. You are not changing from Chinese version to Global as you say. You are just changing the language of the Chinese version.

    Of you have CN version, it will work in Chinese in your phone be, unless you have English version on your phone and the bracelet will assume English as well.

    The global version allow you to have your phone in your native language and change the the language of the bracelet.
    That's the difference

  17. I don't have mi band but i like your vid ❤️ thanks for your work ?

  18. This custom mi fit app doesnt work

  19. Do you know how I can do in iOS iPhone??

  20. Where in app is "configuracoes adicionais"? I can not find.

  21. I installed this app but my band stays in chinese, only change to english if I change my phone to english to. My native phone language is portuguese. With your version shouldn t be the band in english if my phone language was not one of the available language?

  22. Portuguese language?

  23. Is it a official global firmware? Update are supported after flash?

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