USB-C: The new industry standard for the next generation of devices.

The new Macbook with USB-C:

The new Chromebook Pixel with USB-C:

Google on USB-C:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start…

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  1. It's 2020 and I use just one USB C charger to charge all my devices…. except my iPhone.
    Let's change that Apple.

  2. My new phone is USB C, I like it. Not having to struggle plugging it up is great since it's reversable. Nice for low light conditions.

  3. And now the EU is thinking about making a law against having no USB type C port

  4. Anyone know if I can use a USB-USB C wire for cellphones in a lapton that is charged with USB C?

  5. USB-C: Apple
    Laptops: Ah yes make it the only port
    Phones: well now I am not doing it

  6. It's been 5 years and I don't see many USB-c ports around…in fact, I'd never heard of them before watching his videos.

  7. The Apple sales pitch ends here 1:16

  8. I am from the future and u r ryt

  9. Watching this video in 2020

  10. Every one of the usb-c phones I have bought (3) ended up with Port damage… I am using my MOTO-E that has been dropped thousands of times while plugged in with no Port damage … My LG Stylo 4 didn't survive the first drop….

  11. In 2020 it was recommended and for a moment I thought what is he talking about

  12. anyone in 2020 surprised at how MKB looks have changed so much.

  13. Still waiting on Apple to make their iPhones usb-c ?

  14. so he basically say what the manufactorers say and he gets paid for that 😉 good job people

  15. Report from 2020
    It's a big deal.

  16. Just not from Apple?

  17. My laptop came with 3 USB 3 and one USB-type c that I never use it and honestly, I still have no idea if and when should I use it. 😀

  18. @marques brownlee the t-shirt you wear in this video is printed in my factory. Love from Pakistan

  19. Watching it in 2020, the video is still so relatable even after 5 years. Still getting phones with micro usb

  20. Kind of misleading. USB C doesn’t necessarily mean USB 3.1. USB C is a physical port while USB 3.1 is an industry standard.

  21. Surprising. Thanks.

  22. Look like my phone 1:14 samsung s

  23. Lovely presentation.

  24. Why is there genders for usb

  25. Video: 2015
    Appeared in:
    2020 ✅

  26. Retro but still worth it…

  27. 4 years later and it still isnt every where

  28. 2020 and only now am I be recommended this video by YouTube.

  29. How is it 2020 and I'm just now hearing about USB-C and this video was made it 2015 ??? this dude predicted the future

  30. 2020….still no usb-c iPhone

  31. Things were so much simpler in 2015

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    decode this

  33. Drop a like if you’re also from the new decade (2020)

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