I’m doing more of my video editing projects on my iPad Pro lately. Instead of using my iMac or my MacBook Pro. Find out why!

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  1. Como nome do aplicativo please ??

  2. Which iPad you using ? Using which chip ?

  3. Where is the video on how to import Sony a6500 I have a Sony a5000 and I can't import AVCHD video in my 2018 iPad

  4. Make a video on how to Do reaction videos on iPad Pro with that set up….also can you screen record on the iPad Pro using QuickTime and reacting to a YouTube video in the lower corner while recording yourself

  5. Where did you buy the keyboard for this ipad i dont want to buy the one in apple store

  6. great video. just what i was looking for!

  7. Love that set up! Thanks for sharing it with us. If you get a chance would love to see an item list in description box. Thanks again ?

  8. How do you import Sony video files from SD card…ipad does not recognize any of the files! Only jpegs

  9. I cant find the video, where u import data from the a6500 to your iPad

  10. Nice setup I'm learning how to get better on luma fusion. Unfortunately I'm working via an iPhone 7 my next investment will be an iPad I really like your setup. Great video.

  11. I glad made this video and hope make more about iPad for video, I have if decide to basic video this would good set up.

  12. I use my ipad as a laptop though

  13. Pete Larson great video, I'm trying to find your video about importing files from sony to ipad but I couldn't.

  14. What GB iPad is that ?

  15. What iPad stand is that ?

  16. Great video. Pls carry on showing more on your workflow with great Apps (working here with an 12.9)

  17. I'm looking for your video on importing sony footage to the ipad

  18. what ipad stand do you have?

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