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My experience using the iPad Pro as my first year in college as a computer science major

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  1. Bro, make an update on this video!!! I'm begging you!!!

  2. I'd like to see native unix terminal at iPadOS 😀 It'll solve all the problems about coding on iPad

  3. The work around I do is called Blink, this allows me to tunnel ssh into my raspberry pi. From there you can run just about anything.

  4. I have a solution for you. Get a raspberry pi. It’s a tiny little palm sized computer science wonderland and your iPad can become the screen for it. Java, Python, C, C++, even SWIFT. BOOM! Still no need to buy and carry around a conventional laptop.

  5. Do an iPad OS update.

  6. I've a desktop computer in my home for coding, I need a device to carry with me to the class and sometimes I get lazy so I want to study on my bed . Should I go for iPad or a windows laptop?

  7. psa: macs are garabage for comp sci and are way more difficult to use i recommend PCs because its easier to download the software on which you code on and there is more availbilty for softwares then on mac
    however ipad pros are the GOAT for notes and other classes

  8. objective oriented programming?

  9. Hey have u updated to the New iPad OS? Just saw a video on the new software just not sure if it’s out already. Interested in seeing if u can now use it for java and other programming/coding?

  10. Brother can iPad pro can be run java and help to making websites

  11. Shattered my feelings when I came to know that java can't be done on iPad pro ?

  12. Dude, make another deep video about this.. would love it very much..

  13. To be honest I could do this and do the occasional gui coding on my pc depending on the project. Good idea 🙂

  14. do you solve homework psets on ipad pro?

  15. Is having a desktop along with it good or is a laptop better? Also in class are u coding on a computer or is mostly on paper work?

  16. Is that a dog jumping behind the window with dolls on it? ?

  17. Do you use any kind of a matte screen protector on the ipad pro ? If so then which one?

  18. Hi 🙂 does it work better with the new iPad OS ?

  19. Or just get Ipad and then host a Cloud VM server and do that instead…relatively cheap and can do whatever you want.

  20. Would 2019 Mac Book air be good for computer science? And documents typing andstuff

  21. Anyone knows how to type a normal quotation mark on an ipad pro with the smart keyboard? I can just type a forward quote “ like this and this doesn’t work for c language

  22. What is the highest gb iPad to use for programming ?

  23. What kind of computer do you have?
    Mac or windows?

  24. No one would give you a job is you say the only experience you have is some courses you took on skillshare?

  25. Basically you're saying this is useless…

  26. What is the model of the ipad that you showed up in this video ?

  27. You could try sftp to your home desktop, then you could use your desktop as java engine. While using your iPad just as a code editor with apps like buffer. Works great for me with python, php, html, R, Java and other language like that as lang as your don’t really need the full UI of the app.

  28. Hey Harris, Can you please help me to decide which storage variant i need…. I'm in medical school, just planning to get this to read tons of books and make notes… Please reply

  29. How do you take handwritten coding notes?

  30. You gotta do a Pythonista review! I’m an econ major, and just got into using python for regression. I’ve been using the Juno app, but find it very slow and clunky. Still not sure if i should make the pythonista jump

  31. Any recommendation for microsoft word alternative for ipads? Cus I don’t wanna pay subscription

  32. I’m majoring in computer science too & just got the surface pro 6

  33. Thanks for the Python app recommendation!

    A really good app that I like using on iPad is Termius. It is an SSH client that works with command line interfaces. This is perfect for someone who needs remote access to a University supercomputer (like me). Since the computer terminal runs bash, it’s perfect because I can run remotely run/check simulations and even create bash scripts the same exact way I would on a laptop/desktop.

  34. Great video man, seriously considering getting the pro as my iPad (which I love and served me really well as my only computer for a while) is no longer supported. But getting an iMac first, I want that gorgeous 5k display so badly. Keep making videos bro, I love technology and I love watching your videos! 🙂

  35. For iPad Pro(cellular), I am using AWS with terminus for non-graphical usage. I’ll use VNC server when I need GUI. its better than normal laptop because it is portable. iPad OS itself will give me perfect experience for note taking, communication, etc. And ill finish all the computing stuff on the cloud. it is really nice. It substitute my laptop in most case, ill only switch to my laptop when i need to do Android development.

  36. Which normal PC do you use ?

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