Get the first look at Garmin’s first kid-friendly activity tracker, the vivofit jr.! With a one+ year battery life and a separate app for tracking activity, the vivofit jr. is a great partner to keep your kid active.

Find out more about the vivofit jr. at

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  1. I have a marvel captain america one

  2. Jk! Just kidding
    U didn’t even show us ANYTHING!!!!

  3. Now I know how it works!

  4. Where do you get it from

  5. My Garmin jr died of battery for having it for 10 months

  6. I have a Minnie Mouse one

  7. Soooooooo good same thing as me lol Awsome sawce ?????????

  8. jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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  10. How i change the strax for this Garmin vifote jr?

  11. I got this same coulour

  12. i am odering real flower

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