Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 worth the upgrade from the Active 1? which is better for the price? in this video, I compare these watches side by side in an honest and in-depth comparison.

Active 2:


Which to you like better? Comment your vote down below!


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  1. are you related to walter o brien? 🙂

  2. Can u take a call on the watch active 1 (just checking).

  3. Fantastic information, thank you!

  4. No speaker? You didn't talk about notifications. Can you get them and respond on the active 1? Can you respond via voice?

  5. with the galaxy active 2 can you see and reply to your messages on viber and messenger? Can you also download apps like YouTube and Instagram?

  6. Ended up ordering an Active 1 for $150 instead of the $389 here in Canada for the Active 2. Hopefully it's better than my WearOS stuff 🙁

  7. Well, i dont want people see me talking to my watch. Hell, i dont even want people see me talking with galaxy buds

  8. I got the active but i think I'm going to exchange it & spend the extra $80 on the 2, spending all that on a watch might as well get the best use of it. Not crazy on the charge tho. 2 hours to fully charge – my Fitbit didn't take nearly as long but it did less so ?‍♀️

  9. I got the watch active 1 for free with the s10

  10. Thinking to buy 1, is it worth the money?

  11. I switch my original Samsung Watch (Rose Gold) to the Active 2?
    Lowkey loving the active 2, even more cuz it still has the bezel which my other watch originally had?

  12. Meijer by me has the 1st Gen for $140 so would that make it even a better option

  13. Can you reply to msgs on active by saying your response or can u only type our your responses?

  14. How about whatsapp?

  15. What size is he wearing????

  16. I have a huawei phone, can I use Samsung active watch?

  17. Thanks man , you’re a money saver?

  18. Great video, well explained. Thanks

  19. Can you use bands form active 1 at active 2?

  20. Does it monitor your heart rate continuously and show your calorie burn each day? Or do you have to tell it when you're working out?

  21. The 2 looks so much better bc of the bigger screen and it having a speaker is a huge plus

  22. Wow you speak soo clear, on point, proper information! Love the way you explain. All my doubts are cleared.. A like and subscribe for you ?

  23. We should clarify that the Active2 has a 247mah battery for the smaller 40mm and 340mah for the 44mm. Excellent video and review btw!

  24. Got the Active when it came out mainly because of its ability to track sleep(I have sleep apnea).
    Have had it continuously measuring my heart rate for more accurate readings and have noticed the battery degradation since I’ve had this watch for nearly a year.

    Found this video and decided I’d keep my watch and possibly find a way to replace the battery.

    Thank you for the review!

  25. I have the S3 Frontier. I think I'm just going to stick to what I got.

  26. Poor Josh G's replies getting trashed by an argument over The Touch bezel on the Watch active 1 🙁

  27. Wait wait wait, did Samsung really release these watches 6 months apart? No way! How does that make a person feel confident in their purchase when they drop an arm & leg for a product then release an even better version so soon after for an arm and leg. Fuckary

  28. Owww. I like the active 2 but I have the active and don't want to pay what do I do?

  29. The fact that the original Active doesn't have a speaker makes it a complete deal breaker.

  30. I jost got samsung galaxy watch active today is great

  31. You're basically the first and the only reviewer on YT that I subscribe. I usually only searching reviews like these when I need to buy specific products but I really like the way you review everything so voila I subs you. Hopefully I will stick to my budget plan and not end up drooling and buying everything fancy that you reviews.
    Thx for the in depth review & comparison. I've been eyeing some smartwatches and to me 40mm is quite fit my small wrist. I love the brown leather option tho. Still considering some smartwatches from branded watches like Fossil, MK etc due to they hv more attractive looks imo but the features are a major downside so your reviews are a big help.

  32. I can't figure out why these seem to be less expensive than the regular Galaxy Watch? Seems like Active has more features??

  33. Wasnt the active2 supposed to come with YouTube? What happened with that feature?

  34. The problem for me is the aluminum… you can only get stainless steel with the LTE version. Aluminum is going to get scratched and look like crap very quickly. I don't know why Samsung would have done that.

  35. Great comparison! ??

  36. Updates have made the software for the active 1 almost the exact same as the active 2. I was going to get the active 2, but the software update made it not worth it and the app is the same for both about now. I love my active 1

  37. Can you download lots of different watch faces onto the one? Or is it only the active 2 where you can do that?

  38. Got the 1 today and they had an update where you can use the bezel on the 1st one so 1 still the one for me

  39. I have been wearing analog traditional watches most of my life. Never have I had one that made a ticking sound that was audible enough to hear it from your arm's length away. What a pointless feature.

  40. Im in trouble.I love how active and active2 look like but i like samsung galaxy watch too because the lunite(id rémember how to write) .Which should i pick?

  41. For USD130, is the active 1 still worth it?

  42. Can I change the wallpaper to clock wallpaper

  43. The virtual bezel is good, but I recently tested one, and it doesn’t seem to be very consistent. At least not as consistent as the physical bezel.

  44. The Watch Active 2 should’ve been the first one. So there wouldn’t have been need for a replacement so soon.

  45. Does active 2 support Run keeper app?

  46. Wjat does he mean when he says the watch 2 is LTE?

  47. Why would anyone stop you while walking? Like is it illegal to go for a night stroll now? 🙁

  48. which size watch active 2 is being reviewed? It's not specified..

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