CES 2020 showed us a glimpse of some of the best laptops coming out in 2020. Here are 5 of the best laptops coming out so far. More major announcements will happen throughout the year, especially during GDC and Computex.

HP Elite Dragonfly 2-in-1 (Canada) –
HP Elite Dragonfly 2-in-1 (US) –

Other CES 2020 Videos:
MSI GS66 Stealth Gaming Laptop Hands On –
ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 –

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  1. Some of the best laptops to expect going into 2020. Let me know what your excited for! Hit me up on instagram.com/mattmoniz123 or discord.gg/mattmoniz123 if you have any questions!

  2. Why is everyone amazed by these small bezels? Asus has been doing it for a while and still has webcam at the top lol.

  3. Hey, what about the Lenovo X1 Carbon? In my opinion is more business/productivity oriented than the XPS13

  4. So should i wait to buy a new laptop? Want a portable powerful laptop around 13 inch for college

  5. Don’t like recycle laptop makes it seem cheap

  6. I’m definitely keeping my eye out for the Hp Elite Dragonfly 2020, and the MSI GS66 2020. HP for my business laptop and MSI for my gaming laptop! I’ve been watching so many reviews on these as well as other laptops, and so far these are my top 2. Thanks for all your reviews Matt!

  7. Im waiting for the GS66

  8. Why is there a Zombie Survival Guide in the thumbnail?

  9. Link for acer 3 with TB3 PLeasee, can't find any in my country

  10. what's sad is that Huawei Matebook X Pro 2019 is this the best ultrabook, probably until 2021, but I don't know it's longevity (software and hardware) or trust the company.
    After seeing ASUS' shitty quality with the UX303LN as my first ultrabook in 2013. It's hard for me to trust other companies.
    Even my Surfacebook isn't holding up like my girlfriend's xps13 that was bought at the same time. It's kind of bias because my surfacebook has been used 10x more at least than her xps13. But the wifi card in my surfacebook is awful (even after rebuilding), huge bezel, really reflective screen, display doesn't go as far back due to hinge design and a bit heavier. I'm on my 3rd or 4th charger while she is on her first. But i do like the detachable display and the 3:2 screen aspect ratio which the Matebook X Pro is one of the only laptops that has it.

    The chinese might not care about ethics/morals but they at least acknowledge every good aspect of the hardware and bring it to their own even.
    – Matebook X Pro has stolen every key hit feature of every laptop and made it it's own. Fucking smart. These computer companies trying to be safe are really starting to annoy me. XPS 13.4 2020's quality is probably better and it's very close to Mate X Pro but is still lacking. I don't get what MS is doing with their Surface Laptop, I was so excited for it and it's bland.

  11. is 2019 macbook air good to buy?

  12. msi stealth gs66! i was saving for gs65, but i guess im just gonna wait. i hope thats a full 2080 not the max q.

  13. 5G is dangerous look it up

    If I see one in my area I will destroy it

  14. You only talk about the bling bling and nothing about the cpu/gpu power, type of storage and memory sizes.

  15. No news on any Helios 300 successor !!!?

  16. This goes hawd on gawd

  17. What will the price range of new asus laptops? Tuf and zephyrus? In USD? With 90watt hr battery and that power , seems a perfect student laptop

  18. 이 형 잘생겼는ㄷ ㅔ 코믹하기까지하네 인트로부터 뿜어버렸노

  19. That "a 14" laptop in a 13" form factor" trope was a genius move by Asus. They don't really have smaller bezels than the competitors, but that slogan is so easily repeatable that people (and Mr. Moniz) seem to think it's a unique Asus thing.

  20. XPS 13 looks freakin stunning 😮

  21. JESUS, that MSI laptop is gonna cost a shit ton of tons.

  22. Why have I discovered this channel only recently? I missed a lot!

  23. You don't want to be that guy living next to a 5G tower.

  24. I'm turned off by Dell.

  25. wtf no a15 or a17?

  26. Laptop with Tile integration. How can you loose your laptop ?

  27. Budget premium.. hemmm ?

  28. Is he Ryan Reynolds???

  29. Well the waiting is gonna be hard but it is gonna be worth the wait bc of all the tech coming out this year.

  30. FINALLY … 3:2 aspect. Stupid manufacturers thought we bought laptops for fckn movies.

  31. Interesting how all those are intel notebooks,i guess theres no other chip manufacturer worth mentioning because they didnt even make it into the notebook segment,i guess you dont bite the hand that feeds you?!

  32. All i wanna have is 32GB RAM and thunderholt 3

  33. Actually, I’m hopping for a super laptop with intel and amd graphics, and both hard disk and memory can be upgradable, and 16×10 screen. Don’t see why manufacturers are not doing it.

  34. 3:2 ips glossy with full metal body for 699… im sold

  35. Suggest me an ultra book within 700$ pls

  36. welcome to the another episode of I cant afford

  37. yes I am kind of looking for a hybrid 2in1 laptop, I have been following your videos toward CES 2020. Thank you for an amazing reviews. I personally like HP Elite Dragonfly G2 (2020) but where can I check out for its prices?

  38. Curious about the zephyros…

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