In this video I talk about how I connect an iPad (none Pro) with a Raspberry Pi 3 for web development. This video applies to all iPads (Pro and none Pro) and wall Raspberry Pi models that have a Wifi Adapter, USB or internal.

If you have an iPad Pro with a USB-C port and a Raspberry Pi 4, you can connect these devices together with just an USB-C Cable. Check out Tech Craft’s video on how to get this done.

Checkout how to setup your…

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  1. This video has nothing to do with the iPad Vs iPad Pro conversation. Seems redundant to talk about that.

  2. Awesome, I have a different RavPower device that I bought for my photography, but it never crossed my mind to use it for connecting my iPad and my Raspberry Pi.

  3. Hey, you can also try looking up using dynamic dns to connect to your home network and I don't know the nitty gritty since I am mostly researching about this stuff. I hope you find out a better solution tho and thank you for some pointers ^^.

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