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  1. Guitar doesn't have processors. It's a different story. No matter what guitar you have, you can still play it. However in laptop, you can't program a 3D game on a core i3 4Gb laptop. Now tell me I'm wrong and prove your point.

  2. Programming can be resource heavy job if you are working with VMs, dockers, microservices etc.

  3. Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop you can have.

  4. struggling to find the useful advice in this video… takes you almost two and a half minutes in a 4 minute video about laptops to start talking about laptops, and when you do, your advice is summarised as "I really like macs, I just do, if you cant afford one, do some research for your price range..". No actual insights into what you think makes a good programming laptop other than screen size? fraud.

  5. Nononono macbook pro is essential

  6. Is MacBook Pro 2013 good for programming?

  7. You should have given some tipps though… a minimum 8GB RAM (or at lest the possibility to expand the RAM) for example. But you are right. Even a raspberry pi hooked up to a tv at home is enough to start with the basics of programming.

  8. Your just awesome and wise

  9. Vid atarts at 1:55 not worth watching tho.

  10. Flipping us off in the thumbnail ??

  11. I have been searching for this answer for a long time and now I am calm … thank you -)

  12. half time of your video was garbage. u spent my 2 mins for nothing. u deserved the dislike!

  13. I have a 1800X PC with 64GB RAM 😉 Great for virtual machines. Though, I need the Ryzenm 3950 or even threadripper line up. This pc is not cutting it for me, I need to do more in less time.

  14. "Programming is the least resource heavy task"

    Tell that to the Android studio

  15. bruh a dell xps 13" is a premium laptop for coding idk why you are making it seem like you were suffering.

  16. "Gun to my head I'd choose a mac book" So what your saying is you would need a gun to your head to choose it ?

  17. 2019 in a nutshell:

    I dont need it

  18. Love the way you teach ch

  19. bakchodi mat pel … answer bata bhosdi ke

  20. The title is "Best Laptop For Programmers 2019," and basically you said "google it"…… F U C K Y O U

  21. Haha, perfect. These rich kids thinking the best kit will make them great…. nah. I've always used low end kit, its all I can afford; you learn tricks to make shit work where you might otherwise get lazy….

  22. I'm developer that i want to choose a macbook pro 17 whether macbook pro 17 is so good !!!!!

  23. don't buy a Mac … get anyone and use it with linux

  24. I have the latest xps 15 and a mid 2010 macbook pro ??

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