Today I break down a few popular options for college laptops in terms of affordability, portability, and aesthetics!

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  1. macbook's aren't that bad for your everyday use, I just got one and it's great. I got mine off QVC

  2. Can someone help me? I’m going to another country for a whole month and am missing 2 weeks of school. I’m going to college in an year, what laptop would be useful? I’d really appreciate it if someone could help me ( :

  3. Gaming chromebook??

  4. I got both an HP Stream 11 and an Acer Chromebook 15. Dunno which one to pick permanently

  5. I'm interested in the microsoft surface book 2

  6. Hey Nicolas, can you give us tips on editing programs

  7. Ey bro I was wondering is a MacBook Pro good for Econ/business students I’ve heard some people say that the Microsoft suite is better on pc. How true is that since you’re an Econ student? How different are the commands? Thanks

  8. Please do not recommend stuff you have no idea about.

  9. Surface Laptop is a beast. You get like a $150 discount from Microsoft for students.

  10. If you dont know tech, you shouldnt make these kind of videos.

  11. I have a dell XP’s 15 with 4K, 16 GB and i7 and it’s bomb . Really recommend if you want a super good laptop for a good price ?

  12. I would say get the Dell XPs 13

  13. Could you do what iphone should you get

  14. this was the video I was looking for ?thanks

  15. Why the he’ll would anyone get the MacBook when the MacBook Pro is the same PRICE!

  16. Please anyone reading this, don’t get the MacBook Air or MacBook LmaO ?. Just get a MacBook Pro for the price or a Dell XPS

  17. Hey Nic, do you think you can point me out a YouTube Channel of a Princeton student whose major is history? If you don't know anyone feel free to just ignore this.

  18. While I do think that you did a great job identifying the top laptops and tablets on the market today, I think the name of the video didn't exactly correspond to your overall message. Since different majors require various kinds of computers and for many, I believe that a simple, affordable Chromebook (touchscreen or not) can do the job sufficiently. I'd be interested in seeing a video or some general advice for college freshmen on the kind of laptop they would need for their specific areas of studies, ex. computer science majors vs. liberal arts majors.

  19. I got the 15 inch mbp

  20. I know you're an economics major. What laptop would you say is the best for that?

  21. Do not buy a MacBook Air. The new MacBook pro’s r a lot better they just got a spec upgrade

  22. I got the surface book 2 512gb, 16gb ram , 1050gtx, i7 8th gen got 1400 got really lucky on offer up. So do your research before anything

  23. This video should be “which laptop to buy for YouTubers”, not college students

  24. I'm in high school and use the 12 inch MacBook. Super portable and so so lightweight!

  25. MCbook air is a waste of money. Pls spend the extra 200-300 and get the 12 inch MacBook or the 13” pro

  26. the google pixelbook is pretty great for students, crazy light and thin so easy to carry about and mad fast as well

  27. The complete speced out MacBook Pro 2018 costs $6,000+ :O

  28. there isn’t a point recommending the Macbook when it’s the same price as the Macbook Pro

  29. I'm loving this back to school content

  30. good stuff! thank you for the info. i’m not the closest by any means to college, but this was a good little suggestions video. can’t wait for the school year.

  31. Dell XPS 15 is the best. Especially for you. Good editing and heat conditioning

  32. I was looking into getting the 2018 13’’ MacBook Pro with the touch bar… would you recommend? It would have to last me all the way through college… and I’m about to be a junior in HS

  33. Please don’t get the MacBook Air lmao. It’s so trash. Even Apple gave up on updating it.

  34. Lol I'm watching this on my Asus Chromebook C302 it's touchscreen, and you can flip it to make it a tablet, to be honest it's all I need, and it looks spicy. I got it for like $399

  35. Can you do a review on the rival 600 gaming mouse??

  36. 8 minute break from sat prep…. ahh

  37. the Dell XPS 13 is great!!!

  38. Great and helpful video!

  39. Well this is just perfect! I only have a week before college starts, thank you!

  40. This video is perfect timing ?? Thank you ?

  41. Love the new intro! Thanks for the tips.

  42. Thank you for this! Love your video’s!

  43. aye notif squad

  44. Notification squad ?

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