Great Gaming Cans Updated Buying Guide:
[ Fidelio X2’s
[ SHP9500
[ Superlux 668b (W/mods)
[ AKG K7xx
[ Audio-Technica ADx00X Line
[ Mr Speakers Mad Dogs
[ Beyer Dynamic DT770

Good Gaming Cans:
[ Takstar 2050
[ Takstar Pro80
[ Tascam TH02…

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  1. SPEAKERS ARE NOT BETTER, JUST LOUDER! good earbuds and headphones are 100x better than stupid floor speakers for gaming, etc., i have a 7.1 insane floor speaker set up with 12 inch woofers and its just louder with less audible details than good headphones and good earbuds; as they give much better sound detail and precision for serious gaming. do you want to hear what you are listening to in game or feel it as it destroys your ears?

  2. Wonder what the best for gaming is now days ?

  3. Best closedback headphones for gaming? Under 200?

  4. hey im on the spectrum

  5. what do you think about plantronics rig 500hd ?

  6. Sir, can I use a DAC-Amp on a console? The ps4 specifically? Thank you.

  7. You truly have enlightened the masses

  8. Fore competitive gaming I like to go for something stupid bright. With the low bits from the sound just gone you are left with the mids and highs giving you crystal clear imaging to locate footsteps and soundstage. It works because bass is perceived as omnidirectional. But for single player games or when winning isn’t a priority, then you want something really bassy with good soundstage for maximum immersion to feel the rumble

  9. no bass? why not just EQ?

  10. what do i do if I need to connect the clip mic a source but the amp doesnt have a headphone jack?

  11. Should you use Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic? Or should you stick to stereo and the game processing with a good stereo headphone?

  12. Hahaha that ending! Ruined. Can someone tell me their thoughts on the ATH-AD900X compared to the ATH-AD2000X?

  13. How are the Sennheiser hd 650 for gaming? I mean it should have more bass which is missing by the neutral hd 600

  14. Watching this 4 year old video to learn that the clouds are pro 80s, and I think the logitech pro x I just bought are pro 80s too… hmm…..

  15. Spekers in videogames fucking suck

  16. Waiting for my Superlux HD681 EVO to be delivered (considered non-evo, but people describe those as treble bazookas). Should I be any excited after using Bowers & Wilkins P5 for gaming (lol, my German Maestro GMP 450 died, so don’t laugh at me, I was forced to)? Also I wonder if I did poor choice because before that I’ve been considering Hyperx Cloud II’s… yes, they almost sold me the 7.1 gimmick. I could get the Superlux HD668b, but then I’d had to wait as they aren’t sold in Australia 🙁
    note that I’m not an audiophile and not much of a gamer either (I used to play CS 1.6 a long long long time ago), and I’ve never owned good pair of headphones for gaming. So with the EVOs… I’m putting my expectations high, but is it legit or I should get my expectations down a notch or 2?
    Main use: FPS games like COD and Apex legends and stuff like that on PS4

  17. Hey there, big fan/subscriber here. Would you recommend the AD1000x or r70x for gaming? Thanks!

  18. Just so you know I had the old and gold MDR ZX100 of Sony and these were so damn good for gaming especially for the fact that they were super cheap compared to even decent headphones…but it is impossible for me to get these anymore else I'd get 2-3 ZX100s since they were that good !

  19. What I look for in a gaming headphones is :
    * Good quality clear sound with enough bass and great 3d surround effect so I can tell where enemies are in a game.
    * Cost must be $100 at max.
    * They also must be comfortable to wear for hours.
    * Good durability.
    * Must be also closed back since I don't want the headphones to make external noise.

  20. i am poor i game alll day top day and much more ill telll every one i no abult u and i willll evin cry for u if u give me any shit dak u got sir 35 cash solos or werd name it got a eq u dont uses and a amp whith a chip in it like most likely cam from a tablet

  21. I prefer open back anytime for gaming

  22. Antlion Modmic is trash, they aren't properly driven by most onboard audio. For gaming and voicechat you will need a gaming headset unless you want to use a condensor mic registering every key you press driving everyone mad. Quite franky there have been popping up a lot of decent headsets that are cheap like the Plantronics Rig 400. Plantronics is experienced with microphones because a large portion of their company focussed on communication devices for businesses. I've been using Sennheiser HD 598 with a FiiO E10K Olympus for a while and while it does sound great, it's nothing to justify the outrageous amount of money people spend on this 'mid-tier' audio stuff. 7.1 gaming Audio is just to change the frequencies of the audio to make it easier to pick up footsteps and generally makes the audio in a way it seems like it's coming from multiple directions. It's not perfect, but it's a niche thing to use when you want the illusion of more spatial sound. If you are using high impedance headphones that are not easily driven, you are probably already in a high end market segment and should be shopping for higher tier audio equipment anyway. After all the years of testing headphones, gaming headsets, sound cards and DAC's i've come to the conclusion that 99% of users are fine using onboard audio with their gaming headsets and everything else is just superficial elitist smack for people claiming they have super-human hearing.

  23. never getting closed headphones again, hate them

  24. I know I'm kinda late, but I fell for the HyperX Cloud II… Now the Superlux HD 668B are my daily drivers. Btw, Cloud II is 3x the price of the Superlux soooo…

  25. Hey man, I got Sennheiser 599SE and GSX 1000 AMP, After the whole review waited you will talk about 598s and on 25:40 min you said "This is no for gaming" , now I'm disappointed)))

  26. Would love to see an updated list/headphone review!

  27. Sem subtitles eu não entendo pantufas?, hiperx cloud 2 ou steelseries siberia 200?

  28. I made a poor life choice and dropped $140 for the Logitech G935. They're comfy and great headset but God does it make me want to burn them in a dumpster. If this is one of the best sounding surround sound headphone the the channels that claim this really need to listen to some decent pair of wired open back headphones.

  29. My budget is $250 or less. I want headphones that are excellent for music and videos on my phone on the go/while working out, and something that's excellent for gaming at home. AC and shiz is kinda loud-ish, but as long as the sound from the headphones can overrule it even in an open back without blowing my ears out, then I'll go for an open back.

    This budget can be split between two headphones however you think is best. A dac/amp will be purchased at a later time, and possibly one for the phone, too, but that is much less likely. I'd prefer the dac/amp to be console compatible(yeah, I also want a dac/amp recommendation, but separate from the headphone rec and headphone budget).

    Lastly, this is the first video of yours that I've seen, so IDK if you have more experience with more headphones or mostly just these or anything to do with IEM's, noise canceling shiz, wireless, etc, but I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you do. You seem to know what you're talking about.

  30. have the dt 770 8ohm very good

  31. You missed CAL! and Philips 9500 and superlux 681b,but cool vid anyhow

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