Do all Tablets Bend? We test the first ever iPad vs the 2018 iPad Pro!
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Watch JerryRigEverything’s bend test here:

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  1. He killed that ipad pr?…….

  2. I’m sad I have an iPad and it broke course it got to old and I cant even watch YouTube and my REAL screen is shattered and I can’t get another one :(.

    Edit: im watching this on my iPad that is broken and I’m really sad because they just broke an iPad Pro to the how good the durability is btw :c

  3. Apples iPads have become weaker

  4. You should do this with the iPad Pro vs Samsung Galaxy tab

  5. There is a reason that apple removed the headphone jack, they removed it from there devices because of water resistance.

  6. Kill me because of fortnite

  7. apple : introducing iPad Fold Pro,

  8. I’m watching this on the iPad Pro rn lol also I’m getting another iPad Pro bc i can ?

  9. Harry Potter wands???? I am Potter head

  10. Bro. I want iPad pro

  11. Finally Apple made a folding ipad


  13. Can you please stop!!!! ?

  14. Also I first watched this video season 7 first came out now it’s chapter 2 season 2 and It brings back memories

  15. I’ve watched jerryrigeverything and this whole time I thought his name was Jerry like if you did 2

  16. I would like it but I'm not on Twitter please you con give it to me il appreciate it please

  17. I have A iPad for I dropped it on a metal piece but it's still work

  18. Omg your home looks like the home from sam & cat

  19. Its hungarian. Üdvözüljük

  20. First ipad:I got my button
    New ipad:hey where is my button

  21. The death of the iPad…….

  22. The mark on the iPad is where the home button would be at but apple wanted it to be easier so they took it away and left the mark

  23. He tried to make an I-Fold

  24. The 10.5 inch iPad Pro is more durable then that one

  25. You can buy a cheap gaming pc for 200 dollars why buy that kit

  26. 4:03 you don't have super super strong hands??????????

  27. I was looking to bend a ipad today ?

  28. I managed to break the first iPad.

  29. Go away with ya gaynite

  30. Jerry Rig Everything

  31. Ipad pro: breaks

    Ipad 1 : breaks finger

  32. No legit I have the 12.9 iPad Pro. It’s a beast for hardware, and is super light. But I can flex it with barely any force. Luckily iPads slim folio is actually strong.

  33. Maybe because first iPad is curved so it’s hard to destroy but pro was straight so it was way easier

  34. My dad: don’t break the iPad it’s brand new me: ok 5 minutes later dad my iPad is broken
    My dad: NO MORE IPADS my mom: honey it’s ok

  35. What rich people do when there bored…

  36. بارة تان زؤرة !!!

  37. Watching this on a bent iPad Pro 2018. You’ll never know how easily it bends until it bends.

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