The 2019 iPad lineup is the best yet with the 2018 iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro! Let’s break them down and see which is best for you!
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  1. Traded in my IPad 128 gig 6th generation earler this week, and upgraded through Sprint to he iPad mini 256 gig!! Only paid $150 down payment. Deal. Cannot wait to get it! 🙂

  2. Going for the air 3rd generation but I bought Mini 5 It's more cheap. And plus it supports the Apple Pencil. It could support the Smart Keyboard but it's too weird to see a small keyboard. So apple only supported the Apple Pencil. I also like the Air..

  3. I'm going for iPad mini 5 cuz games go 60 fps and good for school

  4. Who’s watching on iPad 7th generation?

  5. I just bought the iPad Air and I love it

  6. That eyebrow

  7. iPad mini good for ebooks or should I go Kindle? Great video by the way. Subscribed here.

  8. They made a IPad mini a couple years ago now their making it again

  9. I want to upgrade from my iPad 2nd gen and my iPad mini 1st gen. My mini just lags for youtube but my iPad cant even open it

  10. Don’t buy the iPad Pro look up that bending problem. Get the iPad air

  11. My iPad 9’7 2017 still going as strong the day I bought it, the only reason to buy a new is my inner consumer screaming I want the newest shit, but I literally can’t justify it. I use it for school and games like PUBG, it never lagged or failed me yet.

  12. Are you reviewing or advertising? what about the refresh rates and performance tests?

  13. I got the best price in like the world I got my iPad 9.7 for 1 cent no joke it’s was a deal for my mom because she went to atat to get me an iPad and the person said if you buy an iPhone you have to pay 1 cent for the iPad they gave my mom that deal because it was a discount because the person that she asked was my dads friend

  14. After this I’m getting the iPad Air I have the iPad mini but it’s an old ne and it’s gonna get out dated that the reason I’m gonna get it

  15. Wow run two apps at once. What a time to be alive.

  16. Andrew OSU so andrew plays osu?

  17. Zollatech guy says that it’s CHEAPER to replace the non laminated screen of the basic iPad than it is on the other 3.

  18. I have the 2013 iPad Air. Looking to upgrade.

  19. You can run side by side apps on the ipad 6th gen also?

  20. where are the ipads nerd !

  21. Apple's iPad line-up is like Samsung's mid-range smartphone line-up, plus $100 more for every model.

  22. Me I have the 1st generation iPad Pro and WiFi+cellular but I’m good /plus I have the old Apple Pencil that doesn’t work :/

  23. Going for the mini 5

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