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  1. why would u need 4+ layers while drawing, why would u create a so big canvas in 300dpi all the time? u always print ur stuff in A0?

  2. Hello, I am in doubt whether to buy the ipad air 2019 or the ipad pro 2017. I will use it for drawing. thanks

  3. If you are on a budget, you shouldn't buy an iPad… You can get a 2019 Samsung Tab A with S Pen, that's as good as any iPad for drawing for half the price of the cheapest iPad. And it comes with the pen (or you can use any Wacom pen, which is cheaper than the iPad pen).

  4. i wish i could draw digitally but i think i’m too broke for all of these 🙁

  5. So helpful. Thank you.

  6. I wanna get me an iPad pro 12 2017 but I'm hesitating since i heard stories about people receiving units with white spots on the screen. Anyone with a 2017 version having this issue??

  7. Who are the 100 morons who disliked this video? This video is awesome! Super informative how he breaks down every detail. Great job!!

  8. I really want an I-pad to draw,so it won't cost much,but also be good quality.Do you think I-pad 10.5 will be good?

  9. Just recently got a Samsung TabS6 for my art with 6 gb ram and 128 as a gift.. I was thinking about upgrading to Ipad pro 12.9 with apple pencil 2 and to get procreate the app because the S pen is quite uncomfortable and I was thinking the apple pencil might be more comfortable … but not anymore… 4 gbz of ram not good enough for me… plus all the layers stuff you pointed out… I work on many layers…. Thank you for the review and I will share with my friends .

  10. If you read these good video

  11. But what about the new ipad?

  12. >Watches first 10 seconds of video.
    Yea I'm looking to upgrade my Cintiq.

  13. I love how you broke this down and made everything so clear! The bonus info about how the 2018 iPad Pro 6gb and 4gb support the same amount of layers was so helpful!!

  14. I bought an Apple Pencil 1, butI have an iPad Air 2 ?

  15. Jeeeez I'm so thankful for your vid. Thinking about to start digital art but I've never used an apple product…. so confusing. Thank you ?

  16. BeeJayDel….thanks so much for getting back with such a quick reply. Your tutorials are AMAZING. Just have to work up the courage to spend such a huge amount of $$$ on an apple. You sure make it tempting though!!! You're a great teacher!! Peace!!

  17. Does Apple even make the 1st Gen anymore? And…how come they're never upfront about how much RAM it has.

  18. wow, THANK YOU. you explained everything so well.. can't believe i was considering financing one of the newer models.

  19. Thanks for this video, really cleared everything up!

  20. The thing that kills me is that I own an Apple Pencil, and I like it just fine, but then I picked up the new one. The first one is definitely denser and weightier, but the new one feels like I’m holding a regular, light pencil.
    And yet the only device you can use it with is the most expensive iPad!
    Honestly, I hope they make models in the future that support the new pencil that are a little less pricey than the Pro. Heck, the second Pencil should’ve been what they released from the get go!

  21. what app do you use to draw

  22. Finally my mind is made up. thank you so much for the info. hope to improve my art skill. dreaming to be an illustrator too.

  23. I have a budget of 800. I need something for decent sketching(i have a wacom for detail drawing. Really i just need something i can do light sketching and simple drawing and doodling on) I want one for portable use and i also want something that takes notes. I want to be a graphic novelist so i wanna get into storyboarding and i just need something with that kind of ability. Would love some feedback! I also need to take notes for class

  24. The most informative video for artists interested in iPad. Those red lines got me nervous af. But I got the 2017 12.9 ?

  25. iPad Air II w/2gb RAM will give you 60 layers vs 28 layers for the Air 1.

  26. My Samsung tablet is judging me watching this video

  27. I have the smaller 3rd gen pro 1T. BAM!!! I feel like you missed a group of people who could use all the new neat features of the latest IPad Pro for business purposes (like law office) and also want to draw high quality for therapeutic and relaxation purposes. I feel like if you purchase the iPad at all (any generation) for a single purpose vs the multiple purpose, you’ve wasted your money and waste all the features in an iPad.

  28. You’ll have to do a another video when a bunch of random products come out like the iPad Air pro X and Apple Pencil X comes out

  29. This video is what the world needed.

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